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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in multiple challenges for the exhibitions and events sector.

  • Access

    The success of any exhibition depends on the attendance of people. During this crisis, no one can access exhibitions.

  • Speed

    Setting up a 'digital exhibition' makes sense, but it takes time and a lot of effort.

  • Cost

    Setting up the digital exhibition space in a short time would be very costly.

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The Solution

StemeXe for Exhibition Management is a complete solution for swift set up and management of digital exhibitions.

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What It Does

StemeXe works by bringing together the components required for a digital exhibition experience.

StemeXe Components

  • Announcements Announcements are group notifications that will reach exhibitors, and guests, in a matter of moments.
  • Topics/Library These are the virtual exhibition stands. Each topic represents a 'stand' at your exhibition and is designed to have information like images, videos, links, documents, and CTAs.
  • Requests Requests can be for exhibitors or guests and can be customized according to requirements. They automate the usual transactions and requests faced by exhibition managers.
  • Events Virtual events will take the place of actual events and can be accessed by exhibitors and guests inside of the application.
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How it Works


It's incredibly easy, and effective.

  • An exhibition coordinator is given access to the app. They begin sharing news and content to encourage exhibitors to join.
  • Exhibitors join and are encouraged to set up an e-booth. They make a request through the app.
  • You set up their booth in three steps, and give them access to populate information, images, videos, links, and more.
  • Your exhibitors begin inviting their customers through social media, and sharing options. Customers join the app.
  • Customers begin visiting the e-booths, interacting with exhibitors, sharing information, and more.
  • Coordinators and exhibition managers have access to customer details and can view interactions and reports.

Competitive Advantages


Public and private announcements are excellent marketing tools, especially when users can share them.

Clear Calls to Action

Clearly shown CTAs to encourage users to ask questions and take positive actions, interacting with exhibitors.

Easy Sharing

Sharing exhibitors and announcements has been made easy, fun, and rewarding by using gamification.

Your Brand, Your App

StemeXe can be branded with your logo and colors.

Value Beyond COVID-19

The application can be used even after COVID-19 as a boost to the physical exhibitions, extending the reach of exhibitions to people who can't attend live.

The Fastest Exhibition You Will Set Up

The best thing about StemeXe for Exhibitions? It's the fastest, most cost effective exhibition you will set up and manage.

  • Step 1:

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  • Step 2:

    We set up the system for you

  • Step 3:

    Onboard your exhibitors!


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