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Secure Enterprise B2B Communications

ID: GZD 1889-08-27

Who can we help?

(Who do we serve):

Organizations that have a large mobile workforce or a large percentage of their employees using off the shelf messaging platforms for work (example: What’s app, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc..) and are looking for solution to protect and secure the private/confidential information and documents these employees might be sharing.

Our main offering

An Enterprise and Secure B2B Communications platform that is hosted in your datacenter and managed by your team directly.



Secure Enterprise B2B Communications

Why we’re different

We provide the most advanced cryptography engine and framework to ensure the information shared by your employees is always secured.

Meet our team

Make your life easy, get a better way to communicate.


Jonh Moreno

CEO & Co-Founder


Jonh Moreno

Lead Designer


Jonh Moreno

VP of Product