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Any organization that has a Digital Interface or wants to take a step forward into their Digital Transformation. Our Target Customers could be from any sector such as: Governmental ,Health care, e-Commerce, Banking, Insurance Companies, Hotels, Educational Services, Technology, and Transportation.

Our main offering

In this digital, user-driven world, the user experience you deliver through digital interfaces is quickly becoming the primary way your customers interact with your brand. That means great UX is no longer a “nice-to-have” — it’s critical to the success and growth of your business.

Since users are not going online anymore, they are ALWAYS online, we need to focus on the user and everything else will follow. A bad experience is the most effective way to drive users away from your website/App. UX design should be the first priority of any business looking to create a user-friendly, successful, and scalable platform.
UserTestingArabic helps in building products that users love.




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Why we’re different (X-Factor)

Knowing that the Arabic Language is the 4th most spoken language in the digital world with more than 220 million Arab digital users, we have started UserTestingArabic: A UX research and testing platform that helps organizations build products that users love.

The mission of “Seeing Beyond What is Seen” is focused on giving companies an easy way to see out of the box. Seeing Beyond what is Seen empowers us to explore the world with an open eye toward solutions, progress, and growth.

“Not focusing on the user experience is the biggest threat to any business!”


UserTestingArabic enables every organization to deliver the best user experience powered by human insights. With our on-demand human insights services, companies across all industries make accurate customer-first decisions at every level, at the speed the business demands. With UserTestingArabic, product teams, marketers, digital and customer experience executives can confidently and quickly create the right experiences for all target audiences therefore increasing brand loyalty and revenue. It’s a milestone in the battle to get companies to start paying attention to the actual experiences of real people. Most companies rely solely on analytics and that will help them in knowing what their customers are doing. But they don't know why they're doing it.

Our solution allows businesses to validate, test, benchmark, and optimize any digital user interface at any stage to build better digital experiences for their users by providing companies with user feedback videos, UX design , UI design ,UX metrics, survey responses, user interviews, and full UX report. Catch user insights, monitor their behavior, listen to their comments to deliver what the user wants and expects.


70% of online businesses fail due to bad usability.

In 2018, the Global User Experience (UX) market size was $130 million and it is expected to reach $420 million by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 18.2% during 2019-2025. Not just single organizations, but entire industries, stand to benefit and gain significant revenue by improving the customer experience.
For every dollar invested in UX Design, the return is 100 Dollars .Businesses can use the benefits of user-first design to improve their returns on investment, connect with their target audience, and leave room for growth.
Intentional and strategic user experience have the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%.

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Jonh Moreno

CEO & Co-Founder


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Jonh Moreno

CEO & Co-Founder