Twelve52 Management Approach


The communication gap between employees and managers is one of the most common struggles in the workplace. It usually results from the disconnect between managers and employees when it comes to viewing and evaluating effective job performance.

This in turn results in frustration for both sides, employee disengagement, reduced productivity and eventually declining financial performance. The main reason behind this gap is the different perspectives of viewing effective job performance between managers and employees. Although we all want to work effectively, not everyone shares the same definition of an effective job, and not every employee knows what to do to achieve that effectiveness.

Twelve52 management approach helps reducing this unclarity by setting a plan for improved performance through defining the results required to be achieved and the efforts needed to achieve them. To ensure successful execution, the results will be monitored on a monthly basis and the efforts on a weekly basis, which allows for refining the efforts frequently to ensure the final expected results are achieved.

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