AI and Machine Learning in Banking

Personalized banking sales generate up to 65% of global banking profits. With the introduction of Artificial intelligence and machine learning the process of targeting the right users with the right efforts is becoming more accurate. However, most AI and Machine learning implementation projects in Banks are failing due to the complexity of building, training and running these systems.


This is why we have created Sales.UP which helps banks quickly tap into the power of BigData, AI and Machine Learning.

Sales.UP is an insight-driven sales and engagement tool for financial institutions that uses customer insights to create relevant, personal and timely interactions with clients. By combining the best-of-breed functions of three software domains, we are offering a platform implemented specifically to your banking infrastructure that helps growing digital sales and customer engagement. We call it Personalized Banking Sales.

SALES.UP collects, aggregates and enriches various types of traditional banking data such as transactions and customer data, with non-traditional data like social media interactions, weather, demographics, customer behavior patterns, geolocation data.

 Customers who have adopted W.UP are seeing higher conversions on their marketing campaigns and increased revenue vs. their counterparts who are trying to build their individual solutions.

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