Keep your communications private
and secure with VEGA-Messenger


Message and audio

Full admnistation
of your users

Recently the press has shown the public that calls and messages are being eavesdropped.


Hostile Organised


We have built VEGA to secure and protect your communications. It’s time to get your privacy back!


Private Messaging

  • Communicate freely – send messages, images, video messages, to your friends, family, colleagues or to a group of VEGA users.

  • Keep privacy – VEGA is completely end to end encrypted and no man in the middle can intercept and decipher your information not even VEGA engineers.

  • Setup in minutes – download the app, enter your phone number, enter the SMS verification code and you ready to chat and call securely.

Safely communicate

VEGA is an ultra-secure encrypted messaging and voice application for Apple iPhone and Android.

VEGA Messenger provides the ease of use of WhatsApp but with some useful and fun features. In addition to the power of ultra-secure encryption, VEGA Corporate edition provides dedicated servers and customized application functionality.

  • Secure peer-to-peer calling
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Self-destruct messages
  • Other unique features

Total security is the #1 Feature

Secure peer-to-peer calling End-to-end encryption

Vega peer-to-peer calls are end-to-end encrypted, directly connecting the parties together.

Only the parties involved have access to encryption keys, so only they can decipher the calls and messages. Third party access is impossible, including for VEGA staff.

Take full control of messaging

Self-destruct message

Self-destruct message with a timer!

Scheduled messages

Message will appear at a pre-defined date and time.

PIN Code Lock

Set a a PIN code to your message. Only people knowing the PIN can view it.

GPS Geo-fence

Only people near your location will be able to read your message.

Adding a Question

Set a message with a question. Prompting user to force an answer.

Full featured back-office admin

Admin Managment

You can set a geo-localisation restriction. You will need to be in a specific area to open the message.

Group Admin

You can set question that only small amount of user can answer.

Why our customers choose VEGA

comprehensive security

No special
hardware required

Secure Administration web
interface for user management


Advanced features
for entreprises

Operate on your
own infrastructure


Independently Proven Security

  • Vega is built using Best Practice cryptography and security protocols.

  • The system is continuously updated. Independent third parties regularly review our software.

  • Smart system architecture means potential hackers can never eavesdrop, even if they gained access to Vega’s source code. Not even Vega’s developers can access your private data.

Designed for all your communication needs

Easy to use

VEGA provides maximum security, without you having to change your communication habits.

Worldwide coverage

As long as you can get online, VEGA can be used anywhere on the globe over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

Guard against eavesdroppers with secure
encrypted calls.