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30 years ago, we saw the rise of digital information alongside the always-evolving threats that compromise the security of enterprise data. Now, we stand, in affirmation, as a leading security company that serves 155 million endpoints within 500,000+ companies worldwide

Our unmatched methods of endpoints, networks, and cloud protection has satisfied analysts, clients, and industry giants, which allowed us to achieve a 99.6% Security Effectiveness rate and a 100% Breach Detection rate

And these methods are:

Connected Threat Defense

Protection until the threat is eliminated

Centralized Visibility and Control

Organization-wide protection and visibility

Global Threat Intelligence

24/7 in-depth analysis of threats, in real time

Our Edge


Covering cybersecurity based on our understanding, we take past, current, and future threats into consideration to make sure your organization is protected all the time

  • Hybrid Cloud Security
    Improve visibility and simplify security management across physical, virtual, and cloud environments
  • Network Defense
    Detect, analyze, and prevent ransomware, advanced threats, and targeted attack
  • User Protection
    Protect users and their information – on any device, any application, anywhere


Anti-Malware & Advanced Threat Protection

Protect against the known, unknown, and undisclosed

Application Control

Shield your organization against even the most determined attackers on endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads

Encryption & Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Safeguard your information with multiple layers of data protection

Intrusion Prevention

Protect your network, servers, and endpoints from known, unknown, and zero-day vulnerabilities

Integrity Monitoring

Detect and react to critical system changes that can influence security and compliance

Machine Learning

Proactive detection of a broad range of new threats - minimize the risk of compromise

TrendMicro and Exceeders’ Promise

Sharing our dedication to quality and technological breakthroughs, Exceeders and TrendMicro are a power team that will ensure you receive the security you deserve while ensuring a swift ROI

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