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Technadopt is Exceed’s latest solution in technology adoption and end-user support. The powerful solution combines analytics, online learning, voice and ticket support, chatbots, artificial intelligence, and gamification to resolve end-user support issues efficiently and seamlessly, while increasing technology adoption.

How Technadopt changed adoption and support

Online Video Tutorials:

Online video tutorials allow users to learn at their own pace and start at their own level.

Live Online Training:

Users have the option of attending pre-scheduled online training conducted by a live trainer for interactive learning sessions.

Promotional Content:

Promotional content designed to increase user enthusiasm in learning about and using the product by telling them why they need to use it and how it will change their life.

FAQ Chatbot:

A learning Chatbot engine answers frequently asked questions about the technology or product.

Helpdesk and Voice Support:

Live voice support allows users to directly interact with technology experts who can answer their specific questions and help them get tasks done. Helpdesk allows users to open a ticket and track issues.



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