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Challenges with new IT solutions

Have you recently acquired a new IT solution? A new CRM, HR solution, recruitment software or even a new project management tool? Or maybe you created your own mobile APP to increase your employees’ productivity…

Are all your intended users using the new solution? Yeah… we know all about this challenge.

The main feedback we get from our customers and business associates is that they paid a lot of money for a solution that will help their employees, and yet the solution has very low number of users. So, we conducted our own investigation to find out the reason behind the low adoption rate, and we found the following:

  1. Resistance to new IT solutions.
  2. Lack of visibility about new solutions.
  3. Lack of awareness about solutions' benefits.
  4. Lack of competency in using the solution.


TAP is here to get you more users


TAP runs a product launch and an adoption campaign that aims to do the following;

  • Create visibility around your solution,
  • Create awareness about the features and benefits of your product,
  • And increase your employees’ competency in using the solution .

TAP ensures up to 80% adoption rate  by users to any new solution you acquired; this will guarantee you a high ROI on your solution .

Employees resist new changes and new IT solutions in the work place and deem it as more work for them. Employees & middle management aren’t always aware of new solutions in their organization.
Users don’t know how new solutions benefit them and help them be more productive in the workplace. End-users do not have sufficient training to gain the competency needed to use new solutions swiftly.

How we do it

We take your users on a journey to love and use your solution…


Here’s why we’re good at what we do

TAP considers the users’ state of mind and designs messages targeted at specific user groups.
TAP uses monitored and controlled communication channels to modify the messages accordingly.
Our team is proficient in training and only deliver the best.
Our team has what really matters… The Experience