What is Ta7awul?

Ta7awul is a service that helps enterprises train their employees or clients to use new or existing technologies in a fast, easy and efficient way.

Ta7awul combines technologies such as iDenedi and Technadopt, along with experts specialized in learning content creation and end-user engagement.

This helps your employees or clients to use your technologies at their full potential while also enjoying learning them.

New Features Announcements

We use iDenedi to keep your employees updated about the new or existing technologies that you have or will implement.

Learning Made easy

Ta7awul includes our platform Technadopt, which allows your employees to learn how to use your technologies in an easy, fast and effective way.


With the help of the latest BI tools, you will have access to insights & statistics on how your employees cope and respond to your new technologies.


During the learning phase, your employees will be encouraged to discover new tricks, shortcuts and features and improve their efficiency.

Still not sure?

With Ta7awul you will have a clear overview of how the program is perceived by your employees.

You will be able to see the impact it created in the learning process via insights, analytics and dashboards.

The state of the art business intelligence tools that we use in conjunction with our best specialists will provide you with the most accurate information on the progress of your employees.


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