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During the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are facing a number of challenges in treating non- COVID patients.
  • Problem 1

    Regular patients who need checkups are unable to access hospital facilities due to lockdowns and curfews.

  • Problem 2

    While some health care providers are working overtime, others are idle due to the fact that hospitals are now only used to treat COVID-19 cases and emergencies.

  • Problem 2

    Communication between doctors and patients is unregulated through mobiles and chat apps like WhatsApp, etc.

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The Solution

StemeXe for Telehealth brings together the components required for a complete remote health experience.

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What It Does

StemeXe for Telehealth provides a digital interface and work area between patients and doctors, with all the components of a hospital visit.


StemeXe Components


Announcements are used to get information out to patients, clients, partners, and hospital staff all together, or in smaller groups. This can be used to convey important information such as pubic health updates, hospital information, etc.

Doctor List

The doctor list can feature individual doctors, specialties (such as orthopedics, etc.) or departments. These include a summary of the content, a contact person, and a CTA such as a 'book an appointment'.


Remote requests can be automated on the system. Such as a file requests, subscription requests, etc.


Events include online events, appointments, online appointments, etc.

Other Features

Other great features of the application are listed below.

Doctor - Patient Chat

Doctors can reach out to their patients and vice versa through in-app chat.

File Sharing

Doctors and pharmacists can share files with patients through the application using a secure channel.

Video Conferencing

For video conferencing between patients and doctors, StemeXe can be integrated with a range of options such as Flexperto, Vega, etc.

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How To Engage

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  • Day 3:  Onboard your team!
  • Ongoing:  Bring healing remotely

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