StemeXe for Remote Workers

Painlessly manage the shift to the new operating model!

A successful remote working experience is not only about performing tasks outside the office boundaries. It’s about facilitating your employees’ remote work experience by providing them with an online workplace where they can work efficiently and productively while at the same time, enjoy a delightful digital experience.

Working remotely is about helping organizations transition to a new operating model, enabling employees to work efficiently and keeping companies profitable.

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In these times, having your employees perform their jobs efficiently and proactively has become more complicated than ever. Most companies are facing the following challenges:
  • Cutting through the digital noise
  • Access files easily
  • Employee daily requests and timely Management approvals
  • Lack of in-person meetings
  • Inability of employees to show full dedication
  • Reaching non-online and desktop organizational systems
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The Solution

Solving the problem is easy – provide your employees with a suite of apps whose main objective is to ensure a smooth digital transformation journey to increase dedication, corporate efficiency and productivity.

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We created StemeXe for Remote Workers as a mobile and web application designed to provide your employees with an online workplace to facilitate their work remotely while simultaneously enabling a delightful digital experience.


Features of the Solution


Private and public announcements for team alignment

Our announcement system is dedicated for the organization team members only with the ability to control who can post and announce. It will get the organizational message in a way that is swift, secure, and comes to the employee on their phone no matter where they are.


Digital Library for file access and training material

Our digital library makes it easy for your employees to find the training material to understand how to deal with the change and use new technologies, at their full potential. We also enable organizations to choose which data to make available and to be accessed online by their employees to perform the required job.


Dynamic process automation and approvals

Introducing the first process automation system which doesn't require IT stuff to deploy. Without the high cost or IT resources required, we can set your old traditional approval processes and enable you to immediately create new ones that are resulted from the new shift


Team chatting and AI chatbots

Allows an employee to directly find the list of colleagues along with their positions. The chat is private and limited to the company employees in the same way that their internal conversations were limited within the offices. With this chat, you can find the status of others and their functions.


Remote employee time tracking and performance management

In the absence of physical attendance to office, we are providing a tool for employees to log their activities in relation to their work jobs. This will provide continuous visibility to managers and allow them to assign, track and approve tasks for their team members in an easy and effective way.


Custom mobile tabs and web application for the key organizational systems

We will build the most important mobile and web pages that need to be accessed by employees to perform their high priority jobs. Those pages will automatically appear on the StemeXe app to enrich the digital worker’s productivity.

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How To Engage

how to engage

Unlike other systems, StemeXe for Remote Workers is easy to use and quick to set up and launch!

  • Day 1:  Set an online meeting with one of our success managers
  • Day 2:  Set the basic systems
  • Day 3:  Announce to your team to join and start collaborating
  • Ongoing:  Add more features and coach your team

Your success is our success! We are very confident that we will contribute to the success of your business and help you to successfully shift. Reach us today to enable your digital transformation.

How to Engage

We charge companies based on results, not project development. We do not require payment in advance or signed agreements.


    Set up a meeting with a success manager


    We set up your system

  • SET

    Your team joins

  • GO!

    The transformation begins!


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The Exceeders' Guarantee

We'll make sure it works for you before we bill anything. Use the system or up to 3 onths completely free of charge. Cancel anytime.

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