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Online Tutoring

Private tutoring is just as much about motivating students to absorb material enthusiastically, as it is about ensuring that course content is delivered successfully within schedule. With the Coronavirus pandemic, a significantly large number of students have been browsing for certified and skilled trainers who offer their services online.

Online tutoring is an effective replacement to in-person learning, but only so when the right set of tools are employed by tutors to connect with the students in order to ensure maximum absorption and retention of the subject matter.

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In these pandemic ridden times, it is becoming increasingly difficult for tutors to compete with the rising supply of tutors flooding online marketplaces, and equally challenging for students to make an informed decision while securing the right tools.

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The online tutoring space is facing the following challenges:

  • Difficulty in Communicating Course News and Updates to Students
  • Inability to Find the Right Tutor
  • Difficulty for Tutors to Promote their Services
  • Inefficient Means of Communicating Students’ Requests
  • Difficulty in Tracking and Attending the Booked Tutoring Sessions
  • Keeping Up the Personal Connection

The Solution

StemeXe for Online Tutoring is designed to overcome the challenges that private tutors and tuition providers face, and to create a joyful and memorable online tutoring experience for both tutors and students.


We created StemeXe for Online Tutoring as a comprehensive platform to allow students to reach the required training courses, while at the same time, be enriched with a set of services that will boost their overall online learning experience.

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Features of the Solution

  • Announcements The Announcements section can be used to introduce new tutors, courses, or tutoring services. It can also be used to post important updates such as changes in schedules or useful guidelines and instructions for students.
  • Library Students will be able to search and view profiles of available tutors anywhere, and will be able to contact them directly, share their profiles with others and view related information about them such as the subjects they cover, age group, availability, experience, etc.
  • Chat The chat feature allows students to chat with their tutors, and also allows tutors to chat with each other to exchange knowledge or create social networking groups. Chat can also be used pre-selecting a tutor in order to get to know more about them and ensure if they are the perfect match for the tutoring need.
  • Requests Multiple request forms are available for both tutors and students, which will help them submit and address the different inquiries or requests they may have.
  • Schedule Private tutoring sessions are accessed through this section so that students are always up to date and can simply click on a link to join the session.

How to Engage

Unlike other systems, StemeXe for Online Tutoring is amazingly easy and quick to set up and launch:

  • Day 1:

    Request an online meeting with one of our success managers

  • Day 2:

    We set up the basic system, YOU create the tutors’ online profiles

  • Day 3:

    Tutors add data and schedule training sessions

Your success is our success! Exceed has been in the business of tutoring since many years, and we know what it takes to deliver a successful learning experience. With the excess of available online tutoring services, we guarantee to deliver the most flexible, fulfilling and fun tutoring experience at your fingertips. Contact us now to start your specially tailored learning journey.


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