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Online Training

An online training experience is not only about delivering some learning material over the internet. It’s about creating a training experience that not only engages your learners at every step of the way, but also sets them up for success by providing them with a set of services that will boost their overall online learning experience.

Online trainings, especially during the outbreak of the Corona Virus, are no longer a luxury for organizations to compare against in-person trainings, but are in-fact a necessity to ensure ongoing capability building within their workforce.

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Now, more than ever before, training centers have been taking on the daunting task of standing out amongst thousands of others, for delivering the best online training experience.

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Most training centers are facing the following challenges:

  • Difficulty in Communicating Course News & Updates to Existing Users
  • Inefficient Means of Communicating Trainees’ Requests
  • Complexity in Marketing the Available Training Courses
  • Difficulty for Trainees to Reach the Registered Training Courses
  • Difficulty in Tracking and Accessing Course Schedules

The Solution

Overcoming these challenges requires a unique solution - an online learning platform that sets up successful trainings, while simultaneously ensuring a joyful and engaging learning experience!e


Features of the Solution

Stemexe Online Training
  • Announcements General announcements can be made by the training center management to all trainees, in addition to news and updates posts by instructors to specific groups of trainees.
  • Library Trainees will be able to find all available courses, brief about each course, content, related material and instructor contact information.
  • Chat The chat feature allows trainees to chat with their instructors or colleagues. Chat can also be used to quickly reply to certain inquiries or advise on using certain tools.
  • Requests Trainees can submit different requests to the training center admins or instructors. Request status can be easily tracked until completion within the assigned SLA.
  • Schedule Course schedules are accessed through this section so that trainees are always up to date and can simply click on a link to join the course.

How to Engage

Unlike other systems, StemeXe for Online Training is easy to use and quick to set up and launch!

  • Day 1:

    Set an online meeting with one of our success managers

  • Day 2:

    We set up the basic system, YOU create courses and assign to instructors

  • Day 3:

    Instructors add data and schedule training sessions

Your success is our success! Given our wealth of experience in trainings across industries, regions and organizational levels, we are confident of being able to contribute to the success of your trainings and help successfully provide your trainees with an effective and joyous online training experience.

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