StemeXe for Marketplace

Optimize the technology value chain

StemeXe for Marketplace platform connects potential Technology buyers and sellers all within one platform.

StemeXe is a technology centric based marketplace where people can connect with technology subject matter experts and interact with specialists.

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Enterprise challenges while searching for a technology vendor .

  • Lack of subject matter experts within region
  • Lack of content material describing technology solutions and vendors
  • Difficult to reach vendors and suppliers
  • Access to other customers use cases and success stories
  • Collaboration with peers
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Stemexe Does

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  • Chat Support
  • Technology vendors database including content materials
  • Technology related Announcements
  • Requests Management
  • Meetings/Events

The Journey

Awareness through announcements

Consideration and preference by marketing.

Learning through digital library and sessions.

Support through chat and requests.

Referral through sharing and liking.


Enterprise challenges while searching for a technology vendor .

  • Increase market reach
  • Expand content reach and sharing
  • Boost knowledge sharing
  • Connect with market peers
  • Increased Technology adoption satisfaction
  • Empower technology suppliers and customers
  • Decrease Technology TCO by optimizing the value chain
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