Companies recent challenges

Nowadays, getting things done in most companies has become more complicated than ever due. Most companies are facing:

  • Lack of team members’ alignment
  • Inability to coach the team
  • Absence of team performance visibility
  • Redundant work and efforts
  • High cost of execution
  • Sow process of delivery
  • Low predictability on future results
  • No data for planning and improving

Although digital transformation might help on solving the above challenges, not finding the right IT partner is one of the major reasons most companies hesitate to initiate their transformation journey as most fear they might end up spending more money rather than saving, and destabilizing their work process instead of aligning thereby making them look incompetent in driving the change.


Take your business to next level

StemeXe developed a suite of apps whose main objective is to ensure a smooth digital transformation journey which increases corporate efficiency and productivity.
stemeXe is the first company to provide you with a complete solution to set your digital transformation in motion. By providing the required team, applications, and processes, StemeXe will ensure the achievement of the desired results your company needs.
  • iDenedi - Team Alignment
  • Technadopt - Digital Assets Library
  • Simple Strata - Employee Performance
  • ESP - Dynamic Process Automation
  • Lead Line - Get Web Leads
  • Opportunity Pro - Increase Sales Prediction
  • Engagement Pro - Successful Service Management
  • ISP - Manage Cash Flow
  • MEE - Manage Employees Records
  • Insight 360 - Intelligence Reports

StemeXe - Results Based, not Project Based

Unlike most IT service providers, we will engage with you and your team on a results-driven basis rather than project basis.

Achievement of your goal is our objective and we will never charge you until you achieve the desired result.

Although you might find many IT companies who have the resources to implement more solutions, many of them will fail to engage your team in a way that helps them implement these solutions properly. Successful digitalization results needs more than software deployment rather it needs the right setup to engage users gradually and smartly:

  • Map business to applications
  • Deploy application that executes a job
  • Ensure engaging employees
  • Create end-user awareness and interest
  • Increase consideration and competency
  • Measure the performance of this application in doing the job
  • Pivot to improve
At StemeXe, we care about our customers. We need them to excel at what they do, with the right people and tools to make sure they remain profitability

StemeXe Experience

At StemeXe, we believe companies can benefit from our wealth of experience acquired from years of implementing hundreds of complex projects for enterprises coupled with our understanding of mid and small are companies, as well as our expertise to build a complete solution that will digitally transform our client’s businesses with extremely low cost and significantly high return.

StemeXe is designed to properly fits the small and medium businesses.

International vendor solutions are complex, expensive, and need an army of technical resources behind them.

The startups' application are light and usable but are not built for the corporate environment.

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How To Engage

Our promise & objective is to make IT your enabler and solid backbone. We will transform your company through a gradual process that enables you to compete favorably on the same digital level as that of enterprise-sized companies. Our phase-by-phase process is very convenient and easy, with our first phase certified the easiest.

Also, we don't require you to sign any agreement or pay in advance. We are so confident that we will contribute to the success of your business, and that's why we might be the first IT Company that charge based on client results and not project deployment.

  • Meet you success manager
  • Start the digital transformation journey
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The Transformation

With StemeXe you will be the team who:
  • Bring continued success to the organization.
  • Create clarity and transparency
  • Improve performance improvement and team building
  • Eliminate all stress created due to assumptions and perceptions
  • Build a healthier environment to free you to have work-life balance

Most importantly it will remove the ambiguity that tends to cause team dissatisfaction thereby creating clarity that will make them appreciate the work done.

StemeXe will bring joy and success to your corporate world making your team members proud to be part of such a digitally enabled company.