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We live in an app economy where organizational success and failure is defined by who is able to better understand their user’s problems, challenges, expectations and continuously develop the right products/solutions to help them get things done successfully.

What is Sprintat?

An offering where we provide you with a complete Agile Development team alongside the tools, processes and quality controls required to help you build, maintain and continuously optimize your software products/solutions.

What makes us different

We adapt the solution to your business needs and requirements

We are part of your team and take full ownership of what is being delivered.

Pay as you go for the sprints that are delivered.

What does Sprintat Include?

User Experience Consultants
User interface Designers
Technology subject Matter Experts
Quality Management Professionals
Product development Consulting
Agile Delivery Framework
Progress Monitoring Tools
User Adoption& change Practices

How does it work

  • Our team will understand your solution vision and expected outcomes.
  • We will prepare and propose the right development team to work on your solution and indicate the amount of Sprints we think are required to achieve your vision.
  • Our team will start working with yours to build your solution.
  • Measure the output and apply the right changes accordingly.
  • Pay a fixed amount only after the successful delivery of a sprint.
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Benefits of Working with us

  • Start seeing actual results that your users can start using within one month
  • Straightforward pricing model, you know exactly how much you are investing, where and what you are getting in return.
  • High acceptance for feedback and change, the process will be very flexible and allows constant feedback that can help to provide better output
  • No false estimations, the plan is purely based on the nature and complexity of the project and not just on the assumptions
  • Iterative approach that focuses more on incorporating your feedback and continuous releases with every iteration
  • Improve collaboration between teams, members will be selected based on their expertise and not on availability
  • Ownership of what have been produced and the team will remain available for future possible expansion of product

Consequences of not working with us

  • Fall in the trap of traditional project management [entire project is planned upfront without any scope for changing requirements]
  • Spend a lot of time agreeing on what falls within scope and what not
  • Results cant be seen until the end of the project
  • Low adoption from your users due to changing business requirements and expectations that weren’t translated into the project.
  • The delivered project will be obsolete upon delivery leading you to consider further development and redevelopment of what has been completed.
  • Disconnect between team members working on a project
  • No ownership on whatever is being produced and team who handled the project will be gone after delivery

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves


Software Development Experts are available to form your team


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