The bigger organizations get the more software they start acquiring to run their business. These days software is being acquired from multiple vendors, some of it is for traditional on-premise solutions that are charged yearly others are for cloud solutions that are charged monthly. Managing this complexity is becoming an issue, Organizations don’t know what are the right contract options they should go for, they end up paying for more than what they need, they miss a lot of benefits they can get from their existing software licensing contracts and might face some problems of with vendors due to misalignment on the software end.


Exceeders | SoftwareONE help clients govern and manage software estate – be it licensing optimization, procuring effectively, or cost benefit analysis between cloud or on-premise licensing structures.  

Through Exceeders | SoftwareONE we can work with you across 9000 different Software providers (Including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Vmware, etc…) to:

  1. Assess your current licensing structure
  2. Align your IT and Business Strategy with your current software purchases
  3. Identify gaps between your vision and the current purchases
  4. Design the ideal Licensing portfolio for your organization
  5. Contract benchmarking along with Tax optimization
  6. Supporting in transitioning your organization to the new structure
  7. Continuous Management of your software licensing portfolio

Benefits of using the chatbot:

Customers who have worked with us have successfully gained:

  • Full visibility and transparency on the licenses they own
  • Better financial planning through software intelligence
  • Gained access to a lot of benefits they weren’t aware of before
  • Elimination of over-licenses software or unused applications
  • Reduced their licensing spending year over year

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