Achieving Results is simpler than you’ve ever thought

In the current circumstances, organizations are striving to achieve their goals in a simple way. This revolves around proper strategy execution and efficient employee management. However, the lack of visibility and insufficiency of tracking tools hinders those organizations from managing their strategy and employees effectively towards achieving success.

To overcome this challenge, we are providing a simple, yet very effective tool. Through executing a methodology that splits results from efforts, and allows you to monitor each separately, seamless execution is guaranteed. Scores are generated based on results and are tracked effectively using SimpleStrata. 



Who Is It For?

Strategy Management

Employee Performance

Why SimpleStrata?

High Flexibility
Fast Deployment
Multiple Input Channels
User Adoption

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves


Employees are reporting tracking their scores on SimpleStrata


Organizations using SimpleStrata for strategy and performance management


Decrease in the time required for collecting performance data


Increase in employees’ awareness on their goals and KPIs

High Performing Companies are Using SimpleStrata


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SimpleStrata Features

SimpleStrata offers a set of features that provide:

  • Information Architecture Flexibility

  • Reduced Email Communication

  • Connected Components

  • Security Roles and Privacy

  • End User Engagement

  • Scoring and Triggers

  • Easy Data Input and Management

  • And much more!