SimpleStrata for Remote Employee Performance Management 


Increased productivity is a central issue at most organizations since it is core to their survival and growth. Along with other influences, job performance stands as the most critical factor affecting productivity. Therefore, an effective performance management system is essential to ensure increased employee performance in alignment with the organization’s goal and strategy. Although this might sound trivial, it is a fact that most organizations are struggling to achieve the required outcomes of their performance systems for multiple reasons.

To help addressing this challenge, we’ve developed an effective and engaging tool, which helps companies as well as employees, to monitor and manage performance in an easy way. Through executing a methodology that splits results from efforts, yet captures both, users are able to instantly view scores, track progress, adjust plans and take corrective actions on time, which guarantees increased productivity and performance levels.

Who Is It For?

Performance & HR Managers

Define employee’s performance measures
Monitor KPIs’ progress and achievement
Conduct effective performance reviews


Team Leads

Set execution plans for the team
Distribute activities and assign tasks to team members
Monitor progress of completion and commitment to deadlines
Collaborate with the team through effective communication



Understand their role and job responsibilities
Focus on the most important
Acknowledge KPIs and assigned responsibilities Report progress and achievements in an easy way
Instantly view performance score and tasks’ progress
Find out the 3 KPIs that bridge the gap between employers and employees

SimpleStrata Experience

SimpleStrata provides a complete solution which enables managers and employees to set, report and track objective and KPIs, while at the same time, plan the tasks and activities that are necessary to achieve them, thus creating a result-based and planning-driven culture.

SimpleStrata will help you:

Manage Results
  • Set goals, objectives, and KPIs
  • Generate periodic measures
  • Distribute to employees
  • Schedule review meetings
  • Generate results’ scores
Manage efforts
  • Plan tasks and activities
  • Link to KPIs and job responsibilities
  • Monitor progress
  • Generate efforts’ scores
Create visibility
  • Define correlations between results and efforts
  • Generate business intelligence dashboards
  • Provide insights about corrective actions

An organization’s performance is the aggregation of its employees’ achievements. SimpleStrata mobile application and automatic notifications will ensure everyone is engaged, which will help in achieving better individual and organizational results.

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Why SimpleStrata?

Rating and Reviews

We have hundreds of employees across 10 different countries. We spent years trying to manage by results, but it wasn't easy. We used to spend most of our performance reviews arguing on what have been agreed and searching for pay period reports. We implemented SimpleStrata in 2017 and we realized its value from day one. We were able to immediately log and communicate the KPIs for every employee. The reviews are so structure and the sign feature is awesome. The control and visibility that SimpleStrata provided enabled us to build a high-performing team in less than a year. Our performance improved significantly, our work environment culture changed positively, and most importantly our profitability doubled. I am so thankful for the SimpleStrata team who helped us in our transformation from a traditional company to a result-based one.

shutterstock_1275645034 [Converted]-02

Ahmad El Chayati
General Manager
Exceed IT Services

SimpleStrata is not only a software. It’s a smart application which helps management in creating and monitoring employee performance and tracking their activities. It’s easy to use and has helped our employees to track all their KPIs and activities from a single platform. Thank you SimpleStrata for optimizing our organization’s performance.

shutterstock_1275645034 [Converted]-04

Eyad Al Jamal
Managing Partner
Al Berwaz Insurance Brokers

SimpleStrata is not only user friendly, helpful and one-stop-shop, it’s also a place where you can diagnose the weakness points of any department/individual and prescribe the necessary treatment without confusion or disagreements. It helps organization get rid of personal judgements on performance and progress and in that it does everyone justice. In addition to the fact that the system is pure FUN!. Having SimpleStrata team on board to train and launch the system has been instrumental for an easy and smooth acquisition and integration. Their untiring efforts, follow up and sense of initiative are unmatched and they made this completely foreign concept of automated performance management so much QUICK and SEAMLESS!

shutterstock_1275645034 [Converted]-02-1

Samar Hajir
Senior Executive - HR
Teejan Contracting

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Witnessing success and achieving your desired results is our commitment. Therefore, our team will collaboratively work with yours towards achieving your expectations. By providing the required resources, applications, and processes, we will ensure the job assigned to SimpleStrata is completed successfully at your satisfaction.

Our team will help you:

  • Reflect your organizational structure on the system
  • Log employees’ KPIs and job responsibilities
  • Configure the system to your needs
  • Create internal awareness about a results-oriented culture
  • Increase users’ consideration of the system
  • Train users to increase competency
  • Provide a digital learning library to decrease support cases
  • Generate results and dashboards

Our team and consultants are extension to yours and we only consider the project done when you achieve what you're expecting

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We are result-based not project-based

Although our system provides the functional features required to monitor and manage employees’ performance, it wasn't easy for companies and employees to adopt and benefit from it at early stages. That's why we spent years of research trying to help our customers achieve their desired results.

We came up with the following:

  1. A mobile application that's engaging with full features and the main four components to get the user hooked through easy and instant access
  2. Ta7awul program that leverages social media strategy along with a team of marketers and educational consultants to create awareness, consideration, preference, and decision
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User-friendly Web & Mobile Interface

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How To Start

Trial is the best evidence. To see how SimpleStrata will benefit your organization and boost employees’ performance, you can immediately try the system. It’s free!

To set up your performance system within SimpleStrata, follow the below steps:

  1. Create your organization on SimpleStrata
  2. Build your organization’s structure in the system
  3. Add at least one KPI per employee
  4. Report results and track progress
  5. Enjoy a free one-month trial

Your value-recognition is our achievement. Our agreement will be based on results and we won’t charge until you see a value of what you purchase. Try the system for one month free of charge. After your purchase, you can still enjoy a 3-month cancellation policy, with no charges or required justification.


Because No Two Organizations are Alike

Choose the plan that’s right for you.


AED 20

AED 20

Per user, per month Billed annually


  • Web and mobile access

  • KPI tracking and reporting

  • Strategy links and cascade

  • Task planning and reporting

  • Feedback module

  • Periodic performance reports

  • Out-of-Box Web and mobile dashboards

  • Configurable labels

  • Security Roles

  • Additional Fields

  • General User Manuals and tutorials

  • 1-month free trial

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AED 40

AED 40


Per user, per month Billed annually

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • System set-up and configuration
  • Data logging
  • Development of 1 custom Power BI dashboard
  • Internal awareness campaign
  • Tailored user manuals and tutorials
  • Dedicated customer success manager
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Looking for a custom solution? We’ll build it for you


Everything in Basic

and professional, plus:

  • System customizations
  • Integration with other systems
  • Custom dashboards
  • Live training sessions
  • Technology Adoption Program
  • Digital library
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The Transformation

SimpleStrata will help you build a high-productive environment where every employee understands their role in the organization and works towards achieving it. Performance reviews will be less painful and more productive for managers and employees. Time and effort previously spent on negotiating results and arguing around performance will be saved and better invested in the more important jobs to be done to achieve the organization’s goals.