SimpleStrata for Strategy Execution


In the current circumstances, organizations are striving to achieve their goals in a simple way. This revolves around proper strategy execution. However, the lack of visibility and insufficiency of tracking tools hinders those organizations from executing their strategy and monitoring their operations in an effective way towards achieving success.

To overcome this challenge, we are providing a simple, yet very effective tool. Through executing a methodology that splits results from efforts, and allows you to monitor each separately, seamless execution is guaranteed. Scores are generated based on results and are tracked effectively using SimpleStrata.

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Who Is It For?

Strategy Teams

Communicate the strategy easily across the organization
Set KPIs and cascade them to the responsible units
Define operational plans and link them to the strategy
Collect results and generate performance reports


Organization Members

Understand their role in achieving the company’s strategy
Be able focus on the most important
Acknowledge KPIs and assigned responsibilities
Report progress and achievements in an easy way
Instantly view performance score and tasks’ progress
How do business strategy expectations differ from reality?
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SimpleStrata Experience

SimpleStrata provides a complete solution which enables organizations to communicate and execute their strategy in an effective way, by helping them:

Manage Results
  • Set goals, objectives, and KPIs
  • Generate periodic measures
  • Distribute to employees
  • Schedule review meetings
  • Generate results’ scores
Manage efforts
  • Plan initiatives, projects, jobs
  • Link to strategy plans
  • Schedule and assign activities
  • Monitor progress
  • Generate efforts’ scores
Create visibility
  • Define correlations between results and efforts
  • Generate business intelligence dashboards
  • Provide insights about corrective actions
Learn more about the difference between results and efforts >

Why SimpleStrata?

Rating and Reviews

SimpleStrata is a great tool for designing, monitoring and controlling strategic and tactics plans for small and medium organizations. Simply it made me a better, optimized and hassle-free strategic planning manager.

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Abdul Aziz Al Baloushi
Head of Strategic Planning
Social Care and Minors Affairs Foundation

SimpleStrata provided us with a simple and easy way to set, track and monitor our strategic plan. All ZHO’s team members are now aware of their objectives and responsibilities and are working seamlessly towards achieving the set plan.

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Abdullah Al-Humaidan
Secretary General
Zayed Higher Organization

The strategy management system “SimpleStrata” provided us with an easy way to monitor the execution of the Society’s objectives and KPIs, through a smart and easy to use system, available on mobile and web.

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Fadi Abdel Halim
Vice Manager of Quality and Management Development
Dar Al Ber Society


Take Your Business to the Next Level

Our team will work with you side by side until you achieve the desired results.

We always state that we don't sell software, but we work with you to hire the software to do a certain job. By providing the required team, applications, and processes, we will ensure the job assigned to SimpleStrata is completed successfully.

We will help you do the following:

  • Map your strategy into SimpleStrata elements
  • Full data logging
  • Configure the system to your needs
  • Create internal awareness about a results-oriented culture
  • Increase users’ consideration and competency in using the system
  • Provide digital library to increase competencies
  • Generate results and dashboards

Our team and consultants are extension to yours and we only consider the project done when you achieve what you're expecting

Learn more about our engagement process >

We are result-based not project-based

Although our system provides the functional features required to manage strategy and performance, it wasn't easy for organizations to adopt and benefit from it at early stages. That's why we spent years of research trying to help our customers achieve their desired results.

We came up with the following:

  1. A mobile application that's engaging with full features and the main four components to get the user hooked through easy and instant access
  2. Ta7awul program that leverages social media strategy along with a team of marketers and educational consultants to create awareness, consideration, preference, and decision
Learn more about Ta7awul Program >

User-friendly Web Interface

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SS 3
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How To Start

You can try the system using your data, to see how it can benefit your organization. Our expert will help you using the system, following the below steps:

  1. Send us a sample of your strategy
  2. Log the sample data in the system
  3. Add KPIs and view their progress and scores
  4. Get the necessary training to use the system on your own
  5. Enjoy a free one-month trial

Your value-recognition is our achievement. Our agreement will be based on results and we won’t charge until you see a value of what you purchase. Try the system for one month free of charge. After your purchase, you can still enjoy a 3-month cancellation policy, with no charges or required justification.

Your value-recognition is our achievement. Our agreement will be based on results and we won’t charge until you see a value of what you purchase. Try the system for one month free of charge. After your purchase, you can still enjoy a 3-month cancellation policy, with no charges or required justification.


Because No Two Organizations are Alike

Choose the plan that’s right for you.


AED 40

AED 40

Per user, per month Billed annually


  • Web and mobile access

  • KPI tracking and reporting

  • Strategy links and cascade

  • Task planning and reporting

  • Feedback module

  • Periodic performance reports

  • Out-of-Box Web and mobile dashboards

  • Configurable labels

  • Security Roles

  • Additional Fields

  • General User Manuals and tutorials

  • 1-month free trial

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AED 40

AED 40

+ AED 15,000 base fee

Per user, per month Billed annually

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • System set-up and configuration
  • Data logging
  • Development of 1 custom Power BI dashboard
  • Internal awareness campaign
  • Tailored user manuals and tutorials
  • Dedicated customer success manager
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Looking for a custom solution? We’ll build it for you


Everything in Basic

and professional, plus:

  • System customizations
  • Integration with other systems
  • Custom dashboards
  • Live training sessions
  • Technology Adoption Program
  • Digital library
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The Transformation

SimpleStrata will help your organization move from a traditional organization depending on excel sheets and manual follow up for executing their strategy, to a digitally transformed, more productive organization with an automated strategy execution process.