Network Defence

Network Defense

Detect, analyze, and prevent ransomware, advanced threats, and targeted attacks


Preserve the integrity of your business with a network security system that ensures your data, communications, intellectual property, and other intangible assets are not monetized by unwanted third parties. Thousands of global enterprises rely on our unique combination of innovative next-generation intrusion prevention. We enable them to prevent targeted attacks, advanced threats, and ransomware variants, including WannaCry and beyond, from embedding or spreading within your network.

Powered by XGen™ security, Trend Micro Network Defense provides world-leading insight into zero-day vulnerabilities, and proactive countermeasures provided by the Digital Vaccine Labs (DVLabs) and Zero Day Initiative.

Detect and prevent breaches at wire speed

Your enterprise is at the crosshairs of the increasingly complex array of ransomware, advanced threats, targeted attacks, vulnerabilities, and exploits.

Only complete visibility into all network traffic and activity will keep your network security ahead of today’s purpose-built attacks which bypass traditional controls, exploit network vulnerabilities, and either ransom or steal sensitive data, communications, and intellectual property. Trend Micro Network Defense detects and prevents breaches at wire speed anywhere on your network to protect your critical data and reputation.

Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System

Protect critical data and applications with in-line, bump-in-the-wire intrusion prevention system scalable up to 100 Gbps with low latency.

Detection of malicious network activity

Analysis of all network traffic to identify exploits, attacker behavior, command-and-control, and more for all network traffic across the entire attack life cycle.

Custom sandbox analysis

Detects and blocks spear phishing attacks and shares threat intelligence with both Trend Micro and third-party security investments.

Shared and correlated threat insight

The ability to seamlessly share threat insight with SIEMs, gateways, as well as both Trend Micro and third-party security investments.

DVLabs and Zero Day Initiative

Proactive identification of and protection against network-centric vulnerabilities, including undisclosed vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits.

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Integrated Advanced Threat Prevention

Integrated Advanced Threat Prevention delivers protection for known, unknown, and undisclosed vulnerabilities through threat insight and prioritization, real-time enforcement and remediation, and operational simplicity.

Detect and block targeted attacks and advanced threats through integration with TippingPoint, Trend Micro, and third-party security investments.

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Advanced Threat Detection by Deep Discovery

Network-wide advanced threat detection identifies and responds to targeted attacks, advanced threats, and ransomware with the ability to share threat insight and enable enforcement with both Trend Micro and third-party security investments.

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