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Your partner in e-learning

Through benefits and specialisation, Nadrus is one of the finest Arabic e-learning platforms


Nadrus was found as top-notch Arabic platform for learning, and due to the shortage of Arabic content, we ensured our interface in functional in Arabic, English, and Urdu (Soon)


Nadrus is fully functional on all web browsers, and we make sure of that by analysing the behaviours of our 400,000 visitors a year in their interactions with our platform in terms of language and operating system


We aim to support Arabic experts to generate income through their knowledge, which is why we dedicated a team to improve our interface and ensure a smooth transaction of purchase.

We also added a robust payment system that allows returns and refunds, while documenting each transaction via electronic invoices


Our text engine provides both free and paid courses with 3 sets of tests, fill in the blanks, MCQs, and true of false options. Users can create a test before creating their course to ensure the information on the course is aligned with the question presented within the test


Feedback is pivotal, that is why we provide teachers with detailed reports on how students performed during their courses in terms of learning, testing, competition, and other criteria to help you improve your offered course


Our interface was designed to ensure the smooth interaction between students and our courses so users can customise colour schemes, images, and themes upon sign up and at a later stage


We hold security at the highest regards, which is why we encrypt all users’ information in collaboration with reputable security firm to ensure the maximum protection at all times


Through our wide array of courses and subject, we offer free, paid, private, and public courses

Ease of Use

Nadrus was created with user experience in mind, which is why our engineers to present all our products in a user-friendly manner that caters to all our customers

Audience Management

For corporate accounts, we offer management services that allows you to manage all your sub-accounts while enjoying the “import” function for large excel sheets

Mobile Device Support

Our interface is available on mobile devices and tablets, which will allow more access to educational material for our users

Social Media

You can add social media platforms for your organisation, which will allow your users to stay up-to-date with their training throughout different platforms

Manage Your Courses

Our “Manage your course” functions allows users to manage their courses as per their students’ requirements

Connect With Trainers

Nadrus allows users to connect with their trainers for educational purposes using tools like technical support, group and direct messages, and notifications

Designed by Professionals

We studied the behaviour of over 50,000 users on our platforms to understand their needs and educational requirements.

After that, we implemented our finding to shape our learning experience to exceed expectations


Nadrus is connected to several payment methods like credit cards Payfort, CashU, and PayPal

Pricing and Plans

Nadrus offers various plans that are designed to cater to all your needs. Choose the best educational bundle. Click here