Automate your invoice submission process remotely, in 5 minutes

Introducing the first invoice automation system that supports remote working and doesn't require IT staff to deploy.

Customers receive a large number of invoices every month and from different channels such as suppliers, vendors, contractors, and even company employees.

Keeping track of all these invoices and ensuring they are approved and processed on time is challenging and very time consuming. They often face challenges with cashflow accuracy due to no visibility on what is due, and when.

ISP can control how invoices are delivered from suppliers, automate the approval process, and control communication with suppliers, which completely transforms how companies handle their operations and processes.

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It’s all about time

ISP is a tremendous time saver. Without any help from the IT department, your accounting team can completely automate invoice processing in a matter of hours, not days. You’ll be up and running efficiently, while another app would still require setup.


It’s about cashflow, too

Get clarity on what’s due and when, without having to look into it. Smart dashboards based on artificial intelligence provide your team with full visibility and control over everything from amounts due, to invoice status and payments made. It’s never been easier to create a healthy cashflow with automated invoice approvals and scheduled payments.

Supplier’s dream

Suppliers can now receive payments faster, and without problem. No more requesting status updates on submitted invoices. No more lost invoices. Each invoice is delivered to the right person, and there’s transparency about the company’s invoice approval process. In fact, even entering invoice details is automated. Suppliers will love it!

Everything at once

Say good-bye to multiple invoice submissions, following up on approvals or answering calls for status updates. Say hello to immediate time savings, increased productivity and simplified collaboration between the company and suppliers.


The most economical solution for invoicing

Everything you need to save up to 80% of time and labor.

Package installation

  • System up and running
  • You can choose between a cloud service and a service hosted on premises

Company setup

  • User account setup
  • Adding and inviting suppliers
  • Unlimited processing rules
  • Support for multiple organizations
  • Support for unlimited suppliers


  • 3 months limited warrantee
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(Free trial is limited to one organization, one user, and one supplier).

*Pricing is subject to 5% VAT

Invoice Processing Center

An essential piece of technology for those who don’t like wasting time.



ISP … What Is It?

1:  Registration
2: Invoice Submission
3: Invoice Review
4: Invoice Approval

ISP is a platform that was created by Exceeders team to automate the process of submitting, verifying, tracking and approving supplier invoices prior to processing the payment.


Why Is It Different?

Fast deployment : 

Ready built-in components cut down on the time it takes to create invoice templates

User Friendly:

A Simple design making it easy to use and navigate without the need for training and user guides

Quick Invoice Submission Process creation:

Business user can create their invoices process without the help of technical professionals in just few minutes and help them to have full control on their system

Why should you go for ISP?

ISP will help companies to automate their invoice submission process immediately and have control over their process, reduce the paper work, manual data entry and have visibility on the submitted supplier invoices with their status

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