IDENEDI is a free communication management app that lets you manage your contact information and decide how, and when, people contact you.

We know everyone wants it, but IDENEDI is still in beta. Downloading this app does not guarantee access to its features. Beta participation requires an invitation directly from IDENEDI administrators. If you were not invited to use this app, please visit us in May 2016 when the app will be available to the general public.


Idenedi Features

  • Your virtual anchor. Never update your friends, family, and colleagues again when you change your phone number, address, or other details. Keep all of your updated information on IDENEDI where your contacts will be able to find it.
  • Manage when people contact you by changing your status.
  • Manage how people contact you by identifying your preferred method.
  • Go green. Rid yourself of business cards. Share your contact details with anyone via IDENEDI, email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • Sync with your phone contacts to access their latest contact details even when offline.

Download Idenedi

a free communication management app

  • Manage your profile, contact info and status.
  • Decide how and when people can contact you.
  • Join groups to access members latest contact info
  • Shortlist your favorite cards for easy access

Explore Idenedi

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