iDenedi For Crisis Management

During times of crisis, organizations face several challenges.

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The Challenges.

During times of crisis, organizations face several challenges.
  • Challenge 1

    During times of crisis, like the COVID-19 health pandemic, rumors run rampant and misinformation is a source of stress.

  • Challenge 2

    Information needs to be conveyed quickly and precisely, this is not easy when employees are not working directly in a single office.

  • Challenge 2

    Situations change from hour to hour, so communication via email is not a good option as many employees do not check their email every few minutes for updates.

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The Solution.

Organizations need a centralized, dedicated announcement solution that brings information to employees immediately.

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iDenedi For Crisis Management

iDenedi is an application specially designed for communication management through announcements.

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Private Announcements

Private announcements are secure announcements that can only be seen by specific group, or sub-group members.

Public Announcements

Public announcements can be shared by members across multiple social media platforms for maximum exposure.

Groups and Subgroups

Members can be put into groups and subgroups and different announcements can be directed at specific groups/subgroups.

Admin View

Admins can see who is viewing and liking posts. During crisis, this allows them to be sure that users are viewing the information.


Members can comment upon and like posts and they are scored on their interaction.

Post Scheduling

Posts can be scheduled in advance using dates and times.

Social Currency

To encourage users to interact with the system - including reading posts, liking, commenting, and sharing public posts - members are given scores.

Filters & Search

For convenience, posts can be filtered and searched so that employees can go back and view important information.

Multimedia Posting

Posts can include images, videos, links, voice notes, and other media.


iDenedi can be integrated with digital libraries to pull data for sharing.

White Labelling

iDenedi can be configured to reflect the customer's brand - the brand colors, logos, etc.

On Premise - Private Cloud

iDenedi can be installed on premise or on public cloud to ensure data remains inside the organization.

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How to Engage

  • STEP1

    Contact one of our Success Managers

  • STEP2

    We set up the system for you, you add the users.

  • STEP3

    Launch the system to employees/users.

  • STEP4

    Begin posting and communicating.


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