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iDenedi is your fastest way to spread your message in the digital world.

It is so easy to get started. Download the iDenedi App, create a group and invite all of your employees. With iDenedi, you can connect your entire team in one place to share your social posts with them.


For your team to share your post or message you need to make the post available for them. You just need to create a public announcement and your employees can share the message.  


When team members share your posts with their connections, iDenedi calculates how many connections they share with them too. iDenedi then converts that teamwork into a social currency that can be used internally to reward those shares.



We have a social responsibilityand care about your security

The iDenedi team has a social responsibility. We are trying to help fix some of the drawbacks of technology. We are starting with regulating communication while also working on data ownership

iDenedi has smart contracts that will define data ownership. After getting enough members supporting us, we will publish the application as official authentication. Example: Currently all social applications own your data and sell it. That's wrong and you can't change it since you can't change or understand the user Agreements.

We will ensure that this application that authenticates with iDenedi respect your ownership and that you own your data.

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