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    Problem we are trying to solve

    Organizations strive to hire the best professionals in the market, and for them to do so, they need to have a proper and systematic approach to hiring.

    We often find that these organizations struggle with recruitment and hiring the right person for the job due to various reasons, such as not having clearly defined vacancy requirements, spending a lot of time looking for CVs from multiple job search engines, and not having an automated process for interviewing and managing job applications.




    Higher is an online platform that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to address the challenges faced by all the key people involved in the interviewing and recruitment process; hiring managers, recruiters and interviewers.

    Hiring Managers can easily define the vacancy requirements and determine the required skills for the job based on a generated list that leads them to select from a list of suggested candidates the ones they want to have interviewed.

    Recruiters then work on scheduling interviews with these candidates and can easily manage their job applications. Interviewers will give their feedback on interviews conducted in a standard format and rate predefined skills.

    When it comes to selecting the right candidate, the Hiring Managers will be able to make more informed decisions by ranking short listed candidates based on the skills that they previously defined for the vacancy.

    Solution Features

    Higher can be customized to fit the requirements of our customers. The main functionalities of the system are:

    Mobile app for Hiring Managers and Interviewers

    Guided process of defining vacancy requirements and skills needed

    Single platform connecting you to professionals from multiple sites

    Simple search

    Candidate profiles are viewed in a standard format

    Vacancy and job application management

    Interviewer feedback and skills rating

    Adding CVs received from different sources

    Selecting candidates based on ranking

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