The Communication Cloud for More Efficient Sales

Everything that your sales employees have done so far offline, is now made available online through Flexperto solution. Set up customer appointments, use reliable video chat to clarify questions, edit documents with customers, sign contracts or stay in touch through different channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS.

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Convenient for your customers:

  • Video chat 100% browser-based. No download needed
  • Intuitively operable
  • Messages via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook & Co. (available soon)

Convenient for your employees:

  • Complete customer communication in one place:
  • Appointment, video chat, messaging and e-signature
  • Self-explanatory user interface

Convenient for IT & Management:

  • Easy integration into IT systems such as CRM
  • 100% data security and compliance
  • Options for your corporate branding
  • Experienced Customer Success Team

Everything is conveniently connected in the communication cloud


Your customers can view available appointments and schedule a meeting directly.


In video chat, your salespeople build relationships with their customers – online yet in person.


We have integrated the most common messenger services, such as SMS, Facebook Messenger and soon also WhatsApp into flexperto.


Flexperto enables the legally binding e-signatures via smartphone. That’s digital sales from A to Z.