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Exceeders Academy

Hire a highly productive A player employee who’s equipped with the latest software


With the advances information technology has made, the gap between the current educational system and the requirements in a work environment continues to grow wider. Fresh graduates are far from ready to take on the job and even experienced ones find they are far from productive the first few months.

In the modern work environment, most of the job will be performed better if employees utilize software. However, most of the new joiners come with skill sets that are no longer sufficient.

We can compare the above with the analogy of a carpenter who is qualified, but has no tools to work. On the other hand, another carpenter not only knows what he is doing, but he also uses the latest machinery. The latter will definitely give you better productivity for your money. Even if you decide you would like the carpenter to use your own tools, the cost will be higher and the time to learn longer, with unpredictable results.

Although most companies have software that is used by existing employees and should be learned by new joiners, we are not talking about these tools. We are talking about the specialization tools that will be used specifically for the job that will be performed by the new joiner.

However, most new hires are either coming into the job with no tools, or might be using individual applications that may or may not suit their new work environment. In addition to this, many companies have company policies in place which prohibits data from going to private applications, in order to avoid losing the information once the employee moves on.

The Goal

goal-iconEvery organization’s main goal is to be successful. However, with the current, swiftly changing circumstances, productivity is becoming a challenge. Employee output is not increasing fast enough to cope with the speed of development, and micromanagement is not the solution anymore.

The solution

solution-iconYou should hire specialists who can tell you how things need to be done, and not with you having to tell them how to do things. These specialists should be skilled and fully equipped with an arsenal of tools and knowledge to ensure they will be able to do the job effectively. It is like hiring the skilled carpenter with will come to your home with the latest tools, and the ability to do impressive
work that you could not do on your own. 


Exceeders Academy

In 2009, Exceed struggled with finding the right caliber employees to improve our company productivity at a relatively low cost. We were sure that there was untapped potential within the vast pool of graduating students and fresh graduates. We decided that we would begin our own internal academy and we succeeded in graduating 12 ‘Exceeders’ who helped us grow our business.

The program was so successful that news of it traveled regionally and we soon found ourselves approached by the Government of Bahrain. We worked with them to enable Bahraini fresh graduates in specific skills that would qualify them to immediately and easily find lucrative jobs. The program then extended to Oman and with the help of the Omani government, we have succeeded in graduating hundreds of highly skilled IT experts who are enjoying good jobs to date.

Exceeders Academy is an extension of what Exceed created in 2009. Exceeders Academy is taking this program to a new level. We will be creating partnerships between the fresh graduates and Exceeders’ software to create a highly skilled, competitive candidate who can perform better at the job. The skill and creativity of top fresh graduates, combined with the power of cutting-edge software, and supported by the Exceeders network, will enable us to do the job better than anyone on the market.

Our Programs

These days, getting things done in organizations is more complicated than ever. Challenges that did not exist five years ago, exist today. These challenges include:

  • A continuously changing work environment;
  • A lack of team alignment;
  • Inability to coach teams fast enough to adjust to the swift changes;
  • Absence of visibility on team performance;
  • Redundant efforts and work;
  • High cost of execution;
  • Slow delivery process;
  • Low predictability on future results;
  • No data for planning and improving;

As a result, it is imperative for companies to find more efficient ways to get things done, otherwise surviving such challenges will be a continuous struggle.


Our Academy programs focus on the modern, ever-changing work environment as well as the modern positions that are essential for company sustainability. These programs solve the new challenges that companies are facing or will very soon face. To support the country economy and create legacy, we are only offering this program to citizens (nationals):

This is suitable for small and medium companies. This success manager will help companies nine different Exceeders products to digitize core operations. You can read more about it at stemexe.exceeders.com.

The main job of the Mindset Transformation Manager is to increase adoption of newly implemented software and applications. This person will use a combination of iDenedi and Technadopt to achieve digital awareness and competency results.

This is a trained resource who can analyze strategies and transform them into executable activities and measurable results. Using the SimpleStrata application, this manager will engage all company resources to focus on the company goals and report progress to create visibility on organizational health.

This person will help companies set the objectives and key results of employees by following an effective KPI methodology. They will then coordinate with employees to set the jobs that should be executed to achieve the employee’s results. Using SimpleStrata for employee performance, employees will have visibility on what is important to the organization. Higher management will have full visibility on each employee’s score and performance.

This role will change how companies are running their business. Processes across multiple functions will be automated within minutes to decrease the load and efforts on others. This success manager will be the hero of organizations looking to digitize their processes.

This role is vital for organizations that have multiple initiatives and projects. This success manager will follow agile methodology to projects incrementally towards success. Engagement Pro is the tool of choice in this role.

Software: iDenedi, Engagement Pro

Nothing will bring down a company faster than employees who are doing the wrong job. Employees can be the core of success, but also the anchor that holds an organization behind if there is no investment in their development. We provide a mix between human and software capabilities- human soft skills and creativity, with machine intelligence and availability. This gives our candidates the biggest edge in modern organizations.


How to Engage

  • Select the specialty you believe you require;
  • Interview the potential candidate
  • Hire


How We Do It

  • We will implement IDENEDI
  • Allow your new employee to deploy the solution to your organization
  • Let the new employee operate.

In this way, your data is protected if and when the employee decides to leave. The data and your access to it will remain in your hands. The software can be purchased separately at 50% of its actual value once the employee leaves or is terminated from the organization.

Does it cost more for me?

No – you only pay the employee’s salary. The software comes with the employee.


The Exceeder Academy builds national capabilities with your support. Your contribution to this program will definitely help your organization, but it will also contribute to building a better economy and creating a pool of highly talented, qualified national professionals equipped with the latest tools. Our graduates own the right to use our software in any organization they join for the duration of their certification.