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The Headache of Software Licensing

Problems We Solve

Do you struggle in managing your software licenses? Do you think your employees have the needed skills to utilize the software you purchased for them?

Nearly all organizations are facing the same challenges you’re facing with your software licenses. Do you relate to any of the following?

  • You don’t get the right advice about the licenses you need to support your organization's growth,
  • You don’t use or know about some of the benefits your agreement provides,
  • And most of the time you forget to utilize your software assurance benefits.

This has pushed lots of our business associates to question the value of these licensing agreements and doubt if they are worth the investment they are putting into it.


EVLS to the Rescue!

What is EVLS?


The Exceed Volume Licensing Services Program has been created to compliment your Microsoft Licensing Agreement. Through EVLS you will understand exactly what you own, how to manage it and how to fully utilize your benefits. More importantly, your team will be trained to understand the benefits of your purchased software and their competency will increase drastically.  

With EVLS you;

  • Eliminate your licensing challenges, 
  • Increase your employee's skills in using the software, 
  • Get extended support from a proficient technical team.

How EVLS Works


What Makes Us Special

Our Differentiator

EVLS is one of the few comprehensive programs that give you visibility on your assets, awareness to your employees, ongoing support and continuous training. EVLS gives you:

Online Training

Technical Team



The Saga of Software Investments