ESP for Employee Service Catalogue & Digital Approvals.

Business Continuity guaranteed! 

Employees are every business’s most important asset. With ESP, employees will be able to perform jobs and submit requests that require a chain of approvals - the same way they used to when they worked from an office.

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With remote working being the new normal, organizations that are not equipped with the right software can face delays in their operations as employees' access is more taxing.
  • Challenge 1

    Processes are disrupted and come to a complete stop as approvers cannot be reached

  • Challenge 2

    Delays and confusion occur as documents are passed from one approver to another via email

  • Challenge 3

    Loss of ownership over approvals, causing a chaotic work environment

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The Solution.

Solving this is easy - Introducing ESP, the first process automation system that doesn't require IT staff to setup, which will in turn eliminate the high costs of resources required. 

ESP will not only facilitate business continuity, but it will also allow you to maintain a normal pace of operations and eliminate contingencies that may disrupt them - without the need for IT personnel. 

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  • Step 1:

    We will help you map your old traditional approval processes on the system

  • Step 2:

    We will train your business users on how to use the system and create processes, remotely

  • Step 3:

    We will support you in creating new processes that meet the demands of remote working


Features of the Solution

Process Creation

Form Builder

Approvals with defined OLA

Approval Criteria

Automated Actions

System Notifications

Assignment & Delegation

Jump / Skip Approvals

Service Catalog

Feedback & Rating

Read/Write to many systems

Central location to request & track

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Digital transformation without an IT department.

  • Increase efficiency from remote workers
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Reduced IT support efforts
  • Increased user satisfaction with a higher morale
  • Empower your employees with the software they need
  • Manage the shift in the operating model

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