The banking sector is extremely competitive, banks that are generating more profits are those who are investing in providing better customer experiences to their prospects. Better customer experiences increase conversion rates by ensuring prospects are getting the right support and access to the right information to convert them into a paying customer.


Exceeders | Dorsum is an acknowledged service provider in the Banking Sector. We have created a chatbot specifically for the banking sector. On the platform personalized chatbots can be created for any kind of banking product. The AI powered chatbots communicate in a human-like way and help financial institutions in customer data gathering and user profiling therefore make new customer onboarding more effective and successful.  The new customers can even open their account because the chatbot assists them to download a secure app to make the user identification as well. The chatbots’ performance can be followed in a dashboard system where real time analytics can be seen, and instant advisory take-over can be done. The whole process works in integration with the financial institutions’ CRM system.

The process of getting this up and running is fairly straightforward:

  1. We deploy the chatbot for one function (Lead Generation, Customer Services, etc…)
  2. We create the initial rules-based engagement the chatbot follows
  3. We start training the chatbot based on interactions with customers until it is proficient in handling customer questions and enquiries.

Benefits of using the chatbot:

  1. Higher revenues due to higher conversion rates compared to traditional marketing
  2. Lower costs due to the replacement of employees through chatbots
  3. Providing a consistent user experience to customers
  4. Generating a huge amount of structured information about their customers that can be re-used to target them with new offers and services.

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