Focus on your Business, we manage your IT

    Digital transformation is on the agenda of every single organization around the globe, it is not a dream anymore. However, for digital transformation to work properly IT needs to work hand in hand with the business stakeholders to build the right plan for their organizations. This is not easily achievable as the majority of the IT Team’s time is being spent on managing IT Operations, Budgets are being cut and requests from employees are increasing.

    Exceeders | BluGrass is a provider of application and infrastructure managed services. We aim to help our clients to focus on their main core business, while we ensure the running of a smooth and efficient IT operation which serves their constantly evolving requirements, free from faults and down times.

    Our process to is based on the AIM methodology:


    1. Full assessment of your infrastructure
    2. Generating the design & solution architecture
    3. Preparation of BOQ and implementation plan


    1. Implement the agreed upon plan
    2. Conduct training for the IT Team


    1. Network operation center monitoring
    2. Predictive support with Remote & Onsite intervention
    3. Quarterly Health Checks
    4. 24 X 7 monitoring & Support with full access to our resources

    Benefits of working with BluGrass

    1. Free up your resources to focus on digital transformation & company objectives
    2. Having someone manage your datacenter and operations on your behalf
    3. Control your IT Spending
    4. Reduce your operational risk
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