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Ta7awul is an initiative that combines the best Exceeders has to offer in the areas of technology adoption and employee enablement.
Exceeders Academy Hire a highly productive A player employee who’s equipped with the latest software
Alteryx takes a different approach to analytics and creates new data partnerships by breaking barriers between IT, analytic teams, and the lines-of-business.
BluGrass's model allows for the addition of a wide range of skill-sets to aid in the execution of a variety of cost-saving and value-enhan-cing business and application
AWS Cloud enables users to sign in to a user portal with their existing corporate credentials and access all of their assigned accounts and applications from one place.
Exceed Service Agreement is your investment for Extreme ROI. Save your budget with us in return for a Flexible support coverage.
EVLS Program has been created to compliment your Microsoft Licensing Agreement.
Set up customer appointments, use reliable video chat, edit documents with customers, sign contracts or stay in touch through channels such as Whatsapp,
We offer annual support services with the aim of keeping our client IT operations uninterrupted at all times.
HIGHER is Organizations strive to hire the best professionals in the market, and for them to do so, they need to have a proper and systematic approach to hiring.
IDENEDI is a free communication management app that lets you manage your contact information and decide how, and when, people contact you.
INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGED SERVICES On-site supervising by our network operation center or on-cloud in hybrid or public mode.
ISP can control how invoices are delivered from suppliers, automate the approval process, and control communication with suppliers would completely transform how companies handle their operations and processes.
ITEC delivers document management and workflow automation software that enables you to digitize and optimize the processes that power the core of your
MEE offers a complete solution that not only fully automates and simplifies the management of the organization’s HR operations and activities, but also enhances the employee experience by improving communication between employees and the HR personnel.
NADRUS Through benefits and specialisation, Nadrus is one of the finest Arabic e-learning platforms
Nintex Workflow for Box makes it easy for virtually anyone in an organization to automate, analyze, and optimize their own content creation and collaboration
Qlik Sense is a product that enables you to create interactive reports and dashboards, simplifies data analysis and helps you make informed business decisions faster.
SimpleStrata provides a complete solution which enables organizations to communicate and execute their strategy in an effective way, by helping them
Splunk Enterprise monitors and analyzes machine data from any source to deliver Operational Intelligence to optimize your IT, security and business performance.
SYNERTRADE is a leading global provider of flexible procurement management software which optimizes purchasing and finance processes. Our Cloud-Based Platform, SynerTrade Accelerate, covers the entire Purchasing Process
TAP ensures up to 80% adoption rate by users to any new solution you acquired; this will guarantee you a high ROI on your solution .
Technadopt is Exceed’s latest solution in technology adoption and end-user support.
StemeXe Get full visibility and control of your company when you adopt digital transformation.
ASPIDA is a service provider specialized only in cyber security consultation and implementation. They provide their services through a structured Program covering the three pillars of cyber security; people, procedures and technology.
Dorsum is an acknowledged service provider in the Banking Sector. We have created a personalized chatbot any kind of banking product.
SoftwareONE help clients govern and manage software estate – be it licensing optimization, procuring effectively, or cost benefit analysis between cloud or on-premise licensing structures.
Customers who have adopted W.UP are seeing higher conversions on their marketing campaigns and increased revenue vs. their counterparts who are trying to build their individual solutions.
SPRINTAT An offering where we provide you with a complete Agile Development team alongside the tools, processes and quality controls required to help you build, maintain and continuously optimize your software products/solutions.
ESP will help you overcome all of your challenges easily, and automate your processes within just a few minutes.
Exceed Outsourcing is the way to go if you need an IT team, a customized solution or software, or specialized support scheme for your infrastructure, we’ve got you covered.
CONGNITRO Corporates success rely heavily on the data it collects and evaluate
VEGA provides the ease of use of WhatsApp but with some useful and fun features. In addition to the power of ultra-secure encryption, VEGA Corporate edition provides dedicated servers and customized application functionality.
NETWORK DEFENSE Detect, analyze, and prevent ransomware, advanced threats, and targeted attacks