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ID: GZD 1889-08-27

Who Can We Help?

(Who do we serve):

  • Government
  • Finance
  • Telecom
  • Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Groups

Our main offering

Over many years we have focused our services around the development and deployment of Identity, Access Management and Auditing solutions. We have built a unique framework and methodology to tackle our customers' challenges in the Digital IAM era.

Our exposure to many complex projects has strengthened our delivery team and approach allowing us to execute projects on-time and efficiently. Our choice of solutions is driven by the aim to have business/non-technical users understand and use the solutions.




Identity Manager

Privileged Access Management

Single Sign On

Why we’re different

We focus all our time, energy and expertise on the Identity & Access Management practice from a consultation, implementation and integration perspective.

Meet our team

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Hicham Barnoussi

Hicham Barnoussi

Managing partner


Romany Gammal

Technical Manager