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We're In IT Together - Sign And Sell

Partnerships have always helped us move forward.
Every company would like a profitable, growing business. However, most companies struggle to find a structured way to grow and they often get pulled into multiple directions in the attempt to master different functions.
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Short term promise:
Exceeders guarantees you higher profit margins with noinvestments.
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Long term promise:
Our partners will exponentially grow their revenues, profits,and market shares without growing risks or pains.
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Who Are Our Partners

A company or a team who would like to grow the business without growing costs and increasing overhead. Our partners would like to stay specialized in a single domain and love to run the business by leveraging the strength of other partners.

Those who would like to stay ahead in the game and start transformation to utilize digital world that enable us to have more collaboration to run the business more effectively. Our main partners are providers who would like to help enterprises build a better world:

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Software Provider
Team of developers who created an innovative software & would like to increase the market share & easily reach more customers either digitally or using traditional sales channels
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Service Provider
Team of consultants in the IT domain who would like to engage with more enterprise customer across multiple countries without opening offices
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Resource Provider
Professional resources and material basis who would like to engage on time
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Channel Providers
Companies that have offices & excellent customer connections in certain country & would like to leverage this relationships to sell more solution without investing more in technical teams


The Current Market Shift

Traditional way or running business is becoming less effective day after day. The shift on the capabilities and disabilities
of companies as a result of technology and globalization are jeopardizing the survival of many companies.
  • International software vendors are reducing the our profit margin
  • It is so difficult to reduce our costs
  • We need time to build our technical competencies
  • We have no references for new technologies
  • Customers are saying that our prices are high

There is a big shift that is occurring with most IT companies who were leveraging their local presence and the locality of their technical resources. With the presence of remove tools, services, and professional freelancer websites, these local technical resource capabilities have been shifted to high cost disabilities. Companies who rely on their local, expensive technical teams will not be able to compete with the agile providers who leverage their low cost and allocation flexibility.


  • We are not able to reach customers
  • International companies have the brand edge over us
  • We can afford to open local offices and build our sales capacity

There is a big shift that is occurring with most IT companies who On the other hand, while these the agile software or service providers are starting up, customer reach and relationship building is always a major challenge. They need the local presence and onsite sales team to work with big customers and this investment might shift these companies focus on the long run. Add to that more than 20,000 applications are launched on a daily basis which makes the market oversaturated and the use of one channel might be not sufficient.


  • Freelancers sites are providing faster services
  • It is not easy to provide visibility on our capacity
  • Most of customer prefer scope base over time and material

Although recently benefit from providing low cost professional resources however the rise of the gigs and their user friendly platforms is shifting their customer focus into them. If resource centers do not connect with large network, then utilizing their resources might be a challenge.


The Challenge

These shifts are resulting in many external and internal providers, and it becoming so difficult if not impossible challenges for all the to overcome these challenges as I am always not able to provide all what the customer is asking for, there's something missing.

These external problems are creating many other internal problems like distracted strategy that requires the management to focus on multiple domain and invest their money and efforts in areas outside the core business. Such strategy will grow pains and might never provide you with workable solution.

The Transformation

Exceeders power is mainly comes from the aggregation of each individual members strength, from leveraged assets. Exceeders will help you transform with no risks or additional investments.

With Exceeders



Gross Margins
Competitive Prices
Growing Market Share
Return on Investments
More than 24 months
Less than 3 months
Financial Risks
Very High
Extremely Low
Build New Functions
High Investment
No Investment
Win New Business
More than 12 Months
Less than 1 month
Build New Functions
High Investment
No Investment
Building Time
More than 6 months