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YouVation will give you the chance to stand out

YouVation by Exceed

We believe in youth’s ability to create change, and from that, we, at Exceed, have been focusing our vision towards giving young minds the chance to realize their full potential. And that’s how YouVation came to life.

Created and curated by Exceed; YouVation is a comprehensive training program that aims to empower students by providing three main benefits:


You will work on real projects, you will be trained and coached by exceptional mentors, and you will earn money while you expand your horizons by :

  • Working for reputable brands that aim to reshape the future
  • Gaining practical experience to boost students’ career paths
  • Receiving income as a commission from the Lead Generation Program
  • Becoming a prime candidate for future employment by learning relevant business, IT, and Sales skills
  • Receiving a YouVation experience letter to strengthen future job applications

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