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Business Intelligence

What is BI?

Organizations exchange a monumental amount of data every day from both internal and external sources, and by transforming data into viable information, organizations can obtain both the support and the context to make the right decisions in order to achieve strategic goals.

Exceeder’s Business Intelligence is a system that integrates both Microsoft and Qlik competencies to enable organizations to manage all aspect of their data and information flow on one user-driven and user-friendly platform.

Why BI?

Knowledge is power, but that power can only be obtained when knowledge can be understood, analyzed, and transformed into actions.

And with the increasing time needed to create, assess, and interact with reports, it is safe to say that generic reports can do more harm that no reports whatsoever, and late reports are even worse. Combining that with the increasing number of sources (reliable and otherwise) can send organizations into a spiral of waste of both time and resources

Business Intelligence Benefits

The Benefits of BI

By using one comprehensive platform to describe, analyze, and interact with data, BI users will be able to create relevant reports that will increase visibility, business discovery, and usability. BI will also save the cost of creating and managing information by aligning strategic goals with respective information to ensure the total utilization of intelligence and resources.
BI: Exceeders’ Promise

As part of our dedication to offering exceptional value for our customers, we’ve integrated “Data Discovery” which will enable clients to explore and detect information and trends even if they’re hidden, which increases the level of interaction of users with the state-of-the-art interface and boost the overall efficiency level of all departments


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