What is EVLS?

Exceed’s Volume Licensing Services (EVLS) is a program designed to help customers who are interested in purchasing or renewing their Microsoft Enterprise Agreements yield a swift return on investment from their software license.


Companies often do not know which software to purchase, and when the wrong solution is implemented; companies often face huge and unnecessary cost thus reducing the desired ROI. Furthermore, companies often lack the needed understanding of their IT needs, which often leads to purchasing a solution that doesn’t solve the core problem. Finally, companies also face the growing cost of training their personnel to maintain, service, and run their IT infrastructures.

evls Benefits

The Benefits of EVLS

Following the initial phase of recommending the right license for you, EVLS will grant your team access to Exceed’s online training platforms, which include specialized video tutorials. We will also assign a qualified technical support team that will initially assist you in deploying and using your technologies, and subsequently offer you immediate response to your future inquiries to enable you to effectively plan and build your IT strategy EVLS will take effect through four main phases:


Exceed will provide you with the tools and knowledge to invest in needed technologies through the following methods:

a) Software Asset Management & Future Purchase Roadmap.
b) Licensing Consultation.
c) SA Benefits Manageability.


Through various channels and tools, Exceed will help you understand the benefits and features of your purchased software through the following methods:

a) EVLS Adoption.
b) Technology Adoption Program (TAP).
c) Webinar.
d) Online Workshop.
e) Proof of Concepts.


This phase focuses on training your team to deploy and administrate your products by building their competency through the following online educational platforms:

a) Learning Platform – Nadrus.
b) Application Tutorial.
c) EXCEED in a Click.
d) Online & Virtual Training.
e) Public Classroom Training.
f) Private Training.
g) Boost Factor for Up to 80 Pieces of training.


Microsoft technologies are progressing quickly, which creates a strain on your resources to deploy the latest updates and software. Exceed will provide you with a cost-efficient solution by utilizing our hybrid model that will provide you with the following benefits:

a) Onsite Product Owner.
b) Offshore Team.
c) Boost Factor for Up to 60 Products and Solutions.
d) Remote Health Check.
e) Remote Technical Support (Online Support)
EVLS: Exceed’s Promise

Exceed promises that you will have optimal visibility of your purchased software by understanding the changes in license schemes to only purchase what is needed with volume licensing

Exceed ensures full utilization of technologies by training your technical team to deploy and admin your software.

Exceed guarantees at least 90% utilization of the benefits of Microsoft Software Assurance

Exceed promises to train your team by providing highly qualified technical experts in licensing and operations


For more information, kindly contact Sameh Bushnaq on samehbushnaq@exccedgulf.com, or +971502725359