What is Arqitek?

Arqitek is an enterprise architecture program that enables organizations to facilitate change and innovation management by implementing strategic growth algorithms to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Arqitek?

With the increasing complexity of systems and the high cost of running IT infrastructures, organizations often face the following challenges:

  • Fluctuating levels of effective and efficiency
  • Enterprise transformation failure
  • Enterprise-wide cost issues
  • Complex systems
  • Fluctuating project quality

The Benefits of Arqitek

Designed for IT, strategy, PMO, and CXO clients who are focused on increasing productivity and reducing cost by aligning and optimizing their IT and business operations, Arqitek will yield the following benefits:

  • Practical EA-BPM, PortMan, ALM, and DevOps
  • Integrated strategy, EA-BPM, PortMan, and performance
  • Practical ALM, DevOps, and program support
  • Requirements management
Arqitek: Exceeders' Promise
As part of our commitment to excellence, we will offer exclusive driving factors that combine the best practices, tools, and changes to increase practical efficiency while reducing cost.

We will also provide managed services for EA, PPM, program support, and complex apps


For more information, kindly visit or contact Stephane Niango on, or on +971 502571617.