StemeXe for App Integration
StemeXe for Integrated Apps is the perfect solution for organizations using multiple digital systems. StemeXe can bring together all of those systems under one neat, easy to use interface through mobile and web.
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Challenges of Digital Organizations
As organizations go digital, they face new challenges. Most of these challenges revolve around employee adoption of new technologies and access to these applications. The most common complaints include:
  • Multiple systems means users are unsure where, and how, to access them;
Users end up neglecting these systems or struggling to use them.
Solution: StemeXe for Integrated Apps
The solution is simple - StemeXe for integrated apps lets you bring all of your organizational apps together under a single, beautiful interface. Employees can go to StemeXe and find everything they need - notifications, announcements, and access to all of the applications they need to update.
How StemeXe Solves It
StemeXe for Integrated Apps fills the space between your applications and your users, allowing you to keep all of your current applications, but present a unified interface for users. With access through web and mobile, employees can find whatever they need, even while on the go or working remotely.
Everything, On the Go
With StemeXe employees don't just access your systems, they get great features like:
  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Employee directory
  • Digital business cards
And so much more!