iDenedi for Crisis Management
During these critical times, it is of the utmost importance that organizations can reach their employees and partners in a way that is secure, efficient, and simple to use. iDenedi is an ideal tool for communication during crisis management.
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  • During times of crisis, like the COVID-19 health pandemic, rumors run rampant and misinformation is a source of stress.
  • Information needs to be conveyed quickly and precisely, this is not easy when employees are not working directly in a single office.
  • Situations change from hour to hour, so communication via email is not a good option as many employees do not check their email every few minutes for updates.
What iDenedi Does
iDenedi is an application specifically designed for communication management through announcements on a regulated platform. iDenedi will guarantee you Internal awareness for all employees Massive boost on external reach.
Q. How can I ensure that my team members never miss important updates? A. iDenedi sends push notifications to alert your users so they don’t miss anything. Q. How can I increase external exposure? A. iDenedi enables your team to become your marketing army. After assigning a post as private or public, team members can instantly start sharing posts through various platforms for maximum exposure. Q. How can I ensure a successful adoption among employees? A. Technology resistance often happens when something is vague & difficult to use. iDenedi mimics social media & is intuitive & easy to use. Q. How is it different from WhatsApp? A. Unlike WhatsApp, iDenedi announcements do not get lost in a continuous flow of conversation & are categorized.