Exceeders Collaboration Agreement (ECA)
The ECA is an agreement tailored to your organization's unforeseen IT needs. The Exceeders Collaboration Agreement is a premium annual agreement that gives customers full flexibility on their requirements, and access to hundreds of international service and support providers, and IT solutions.
The Role of IT Today
For the last two years, IT has become an integral part of every function of the organization. Everything from data security, to employee productivity, to customer satisfaction has a digital component. This means that IT demands are continuous, and not always predictable.
Challenges IT Managers Face
Having so much responsibility across the organization poses new challenges for IT managers:
  • New requirements come up suddenly and often have tight deadlines;
  • Specific technical expertise is needed on an ad hoc basis;
This means that predicting and planning requirements isn't always possible.
The Solution: ECA
Exceeders Collaboration Agreement
ECA is a special, annual agreement created by Exceeders to support IT managers with today's sudden requirements. ECA services cover the entire IT lifecycle - from consultation on new and existing solutions, to training, implementation, outsourcing, support and more.
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How Does It Work
Once you sign on for ECA, we assess your environments, working with you to give a high-level estimate of the work you believe you will be completing in the upcoming 12 months. Based on that, the organization purchases a number of points, which can then be turned into products, services, and support whenever you need it.
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Benefits of Being an ECA Customer
Support: ECA customers get fast-tracked support and direct access to technical and administrative experts. Hiring Talent: Through ECA you can hire the specialists you need quickly, with multiple engagement options. Quick Mobilization: With over 50 partners and service providers, ECA customers get quick access to resources, support, and services.
How is ECA Different
ECA stands out from other agreements in the following ways:
  • ECA is points based, which means you only spend points when you use/need a service.
  • ECA is designed to be flexible for changing needs;
  • ECA customers are given priority, which translates into rapid response to ad hoc requests for services and technical resources.
Sign Up, It's Easy
As soon as you fill the online form, we will send you an email that shows you how to complete your registration for ECA. Once you've completed sign-up, you can immediately begin using the range of products and services for our ECA customers.
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