StemeXe for Customer Engagement
It is more important than ever for businesses to provide digital engagement tools for their customers. Customers need to interact with companies seamlessly, in a way that not only allows them to get things done, but enhances their experience. StemeXe for Customer Engagement is a low code platform that helps companies bring together the elements of successful customer interaction.
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Are you engaging with customers?
Only 5% of your time adds value to the customer- are you making the most of it? Seamless digital customer engagement has been proven to increase customer retention by at least 60%. StemeXe for Customer Engagement can help you make digital interactions with customers efficient and enjoyable.
Challenges of Customer Engagement
There’s a massive gap between people and the complex systems behind the web and mobile interface. Challenges of digital customer engagement include: -- Complicated web and mobile interfaces frustrate customers; -- Building interaction apps from scratch cost time and money; -- Web and mobile apps often don't address all types of interaction; StemeXe is designed to address all of these challenges.
Low Code + Fast Deployment + Effective Functions = Successful Customer Engagement Platform
StemeXe for Customer Engagement
True engagement in one app
StemeXe for Customer Engagement is a comprehensive web and mobile solution designed to engage customers through amazing features like request automation, support, chat, announcements, events/meetings, and more. StemeXe provides multi-experience engagement that can be tailored to customer preferences in minutes.
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Customer loyalty through service and brand awareness
Retaining a customer is up to 25 times cheaper than finding a new one, and building loyalty through great service and brand awareness is key to retaining paying, enthusiastic customers. StemeXe helps you increase your connection to customers through delightful, user-friendly interactions designed to increase brand awareness and satisfaction, while giving them the ability to easily engage your services online.
Complete Customer Engagement
64% of consumers find customer experience more important than price. StemeXe apps are built for both sides of the customer interaction equation- customers and the team members who interact with them. Through the app, your customers can: • Submit and track requests through the app • Quickly view products or services • Get the latest announcements on offers and services • Reach out to experts and team members
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Customer Engagement in 3 Days
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