Ibdaa: Exceeders Academy
Ibdaa (إبدأ) means 'start' in Arabic. Ibdaa Initiative is our IT academy for fresh graduates. We hire and train bright, talented graduates and enable them in the areas that matter, equipping them with not just the knowledge to do their jobs, but the tools required to get the job done.
1st Tier
Challenges of Fresh Graduates
Fresh graduates face a number of challenges when looking to embark on a career in IT. These challenges include:
  • A lack of practical experience;
  • A gap between university learning and required job skills;
  • No references beyond academic ones;
  • Little direction and/or knowledge of their special skills.
The Solution: Ibdaa Initiative
Ibdaa Initiative is Exceed's way of supporting fresh graduates, and regional governments. Ibdaa aims at finding, hiring, and training national IT talent across the region. Our tried and tested IT academy has helped hundreds of fresh graduates start the IT career of their dreams with some of the biggest organizations in the region!
How Ibdaa Works
  1. We assess: Candidates are interviewed and assessed to understand more about their skills, abilities, goals, and knowledge gaps.
  2. We train: Theoretical and practical training using Exceed resources, partners, and facilities.
  3. We give hands-on work experience: Candidates who successfully complete training and certification, get to work with our customers - some of the most prominent organizations in the region!
Ready... Set... Ibdaa!
So what are you waiting for? If you are a fresh graduate who thinks they have what it takes to succeed in IT, reach out to us today and let us know!
Ready... Set... Ibdaa!