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Most sales tools are built for the company, not the salesperson. In fact, most of the well-known tools focus on the operational part rather than the sales part. They have almost any kind of feature… except for actually helping close more deals. They do nothing to support you in achieving the results you want predictably.

Actually, predictability is every sales manager’s dream. Accurate forecast means less effort with greater success. Otherwise, it’s gambling. That’s why forecast accuracy is a direct measure of a sales team’s capabilities. However, predictability is based on visibility; and there’s no visibility without data. Most sales issues are directly caused by the lack of accurate data.

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You probably don’t expect your sales team to fill in data. So you push them to do so. But as Albert Einstein once said -- insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And that’s the thing. You don’t get better results because your salespeople still don’t log data.

You might be thinking that the issue is your sales team. Think again. Quite simply, your team prefers spending more of their time with prospects and customers rather than behind their desks, filling data in complicated systems. So it’s the sales tool they use that actually makes the process so complicated.

Most sales tools create more challenges than they solve:

  • Most sales tools today are built for the company, not sales teams.
  • They are so complicated, sales teams hate using them.
  • They only help with the operational side of things and do nothing to help win more sales.
  • Most sales tools are terrible for logging the most important metrics for your sales team data.
  • They never provide you full control over your pipeline, so you’re missing out on sales.

Opportunity Pro Changes Everything

We're a company with the same goals as you, to sell. We have thousands of customers and opportunities. Just like you, we were frustrated with the lack of predictability that's caused by the lack of visibility. We tried every single way to push the sales team to fill in data using well-known sales systems… Finally, we decided to look at the problem from a different angle and create a different solution.

Guess what? We have all the numbers now in one system. Because we understand how our customers feel when they don't find the data they need, we decided to let everyone benefit from our discovery. get better results with less effort.

That’s what we’ve achieved with Opportunity Pro, our all-in-one sales tool. Now you and your team can get better results with less effort.

We make it easy for you. This application builds itself and keeps on learning from the data you feed it with. The only thing you need to do is to log your sales opportunities with default information into the system.

Testimonials and References

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Iyad Jamal

Sales Manager - Al Berwaz

We are an insurance broker company with less than 100 employees. We came to know about stemeXe from a friend.


John Doe Smith

Sales Manager - Al Berwaz

We are an insurance broker company with less than 100 employees. We came to know about stemeXe from a friend.


Keli Jink

Sales Person - Al Berwaz

We are an insurance broker company with less than 100 employees. We came to know about stemeXe from a friend.

How It Boosts Your Sales

Here’s how it works:

  • Create opportunities
  • Commit on a monthly basis
  • Specify the reasons for a win or a loss when you close

The system studies the behavior of sales team members, customers, competitors, and products -- to identify customers’ buying habits, your strengths versus those of your competition, and sales team capabilities to predict how and when you’ll gain sales wins. Opportunity Pro enables you to stop wasting time and effort on lost opportunities and get rid of the wrong forecasts that keep you from hitting your sales goals. It provides you visibility so that the costs of unnecessary efforts and stress never build up.

It takes the human factor out of sales prediction. In an emotionless manner, it enables to stop pursuing lost opportunities when the signs are clear. Ultimately, your sales team starts focusing only on deals that are more likely to happen.

Opportunity Pro helps your sales team succeed. It provides clarity on how to best invest your time and energy. It provides visibility into what makes it easier to predict your sales results and drive sales growth.

Unlike any other sales application, Opportunity Pro is very easy to use on mobile devices and as a web app. It learns with you and helps you close more deals.

Say goodbye to frustration and get ready for more predictable and successful sales.

Our Guarantee to you

Our Guarantee to You

Most software requires you to make big upfront investments before you even know if the solution will work for you.

Not us. We believe in partnerships and we only charge if our customers benefit from our applications. Everyone can get Opportunity Pro free of charge to log opportunities. We won’t enable customers to purchase the advanced analytics feature before we know that there's enough data to generate accurate predictions. You can use the basic version for free and then enable premium analytics to take everything this amazing app.

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The Transformation

This application has been developed to be used without any training by individuals, teams, small to medium to large size companies and corporations.

You’re about to become a sales professional that never misses a commitment... Thanks to Opportunity Pro, you’re about to become a more successful salesman and manager. We guarantee you results. You and your team will feel a positive transformation. Your work has never been so much fun!

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