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CIO and IT Manager to bridge the Gap between the business strategy and data Empower Decision makers with smart insights to guide their decision

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Smart Decision Support System:SDSS is a journey of a transformation towards an optimized decision making that covers all the pillars of the transformation: Business insights, technology, people and process. Based on Decision Science, the heart of the methodology is aligning data analytics with business dynamics, business strategy and goals by identifying the business drivers, causality between them and taking in consideration the time delay. This will include the implementation of BI, Data Quality, Machine learning, simulation and optimization in a full alignment with business goals.

Maestro CLV: Customer Life Time Value prediction of revenue for collective and individual customers. It enables companies to identify the customers’ equity to focus their efforts in the right customer end be customer centric. Maestro CLV will assist in evaluating customer churn risk and measure the success of sales and marketing strategy and confirm if the objectives sets are achievable through our customer base or not.

Maestro Price Optimizer: Maestro - Price Optimizer will consume your transactions, calculate the price elasticity for every item, and generate relevant business insights from it. We use advanced analytics to assist retailers in identifying the reaction of demand vs. discount to help in categorizing products that should be discounted and products that shouldn’t.

Maestro Basket Analysis: Market Basket Analysis enables retailers to uncover associations between items by looking for combinations of items that are grouped together frequently in transactions. It consumes transactions and produces market basket analysis in an interactive dashboard ready to be consumed by the business team to design the right product mix and packaging. In addition to calculating the association, confidence, and support, it allows tracking of associations over time and drilling down to the store and channel.




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Why We’re Different (X-Factor)

We are business driven Analytics focused, we transform the business strategy to a reliable Decision support system that generate smart insights to the business, We use system dynamics, to identify the business drivers, causality between them and we take in consideration time delay, we help organizations to move towards an optimized decisions by assisting them in this transformation from all aspects : technology, people, Business insights and Processes. Our Methodology is based on decision science focusing to provide prescriptive analytics to our customer through simulation and optimizations.

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