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Earn an extra income with eXceeders

Improve your income by leveraging your strength and relationships
Who can benefit from this opportunity?
You can, if you...
  • Look for an extra income stream.
  • Have good relations.
  • Like to help other solve their problems.
Now, how it work?
  • Understand the services that we can offer
  • Connect us with those who are interested in our services

How many programs do we have

Just tell us who might need our service and we take it from there
Freelance Sales Professional
Register your customer and handle it till deal closure

How much can you earn?

Every program has it own incentive schema, but we pay basic $300 for every qualified lead. So every time you refer someone to us, you get paid. If they sign up, we pay an additional 5% - 12%. And that’s a huge deal. Our partner products vary in price from $30,000 - $300,000, so you could stand to earn up to $36,000 from just a single successful deal.

Will I have enough services to offer?

Exceeders is an enterprise market store that will enable you to offer your relations 100 of products that are coming from the most innovative and qualified service providers across the globe.
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Now, why did we establish the program?

Due to the economical situation, many companies started lay off qualified employees without taking into consideration the obligations and responsibilities that those employees might have. Many other companies started reducing commissions and monthly salaries in their attempt to survive the current circumstances.

That's resulted in many losing their income and consequently to their ability to support their families. Even those who didn't lose their job yet, many of them have the fear of losing it soon, and that result in anxiety and stress that might even affect the person health.