Customer-centric project management

A tool that helps you plan, organize, & track projects in one visual collaborative space. Supports remote working while increasing visibility & alignment within team members & create happy customers.

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Filling the gap

Customer satisfaction is a direct measure of a project’s success. So we’ve added customers in the loop. Now they can express their wishes and monitor project execution. Your takeaway is improved customer relationships and increased customer loyalty.

Keep them up to date. Without updates

To provide your customers with a pleasant experience, Engagement Pro answers their most pressing questions: is the project on schedule, what has been done so far, what’s being worked on now, and when the project will be completed. It enables you to communicate with customers better and manage their expectations.

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A great project management tool at its cores

To present a superior solution for project management, we’ve had to go the extra mile… But first, we have come all the way. Communication, tracking, scheduling, time management, resource allocation, deadlines, priorities… All essentials you can think of in a project management software — we’ve got it covered.

Mobile. Unabridged.

Unlike other project management apps, Engagement Pro carries almost all of its desktop features on mobile as well. Your team and your customers can enjoy complete functionality on any device.


How to Start?

Start completing projects with greater customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.





How to Start?

  • Download: Download the ECA Application from the iOS/Android Stores and register your organization.
  • Fill up: Setup up your Digital Wallet either through your corporate credit card or through an LPO sent to one of our channel partners.
  • Consume: Browse the store, talk with experts and request the services you need. You will only be charged once the service is delivered successfully.

What makes us different?

  • Faster and easier engagement
  • Verified IT providers with ratings
  • Better prices with pay for results only
  • One procurement process vs. 100s
  • Digital system to regulate the implementation
  • One agreement for all your support
  • Over 20,000 Qualified IT professionals

How to get started

The Exceeders Collaboration Agreement is very straightforward:

  • The customer will sign a yearly contract and will add a set number of service points onto it that will be stored in their unique digital wallet.
  • The customer can redeem these points for any service or solution offered under Exceeders (Consultation, Implementation, Training, Adoption, Support or Managed Services)
  • Everytime the customer wants to use a service or run a project they will be connected with the right service provider.
  • The service provider will work with the customer to build the right scope and estimate the number of service points required to execute it.
  • Once the work starts, the points will be deducted from the customer based on the work being delivered.
  • Once the points are depleted the customer can add more points in a very easy way. The price of these points will never change or increase.


The Transformation

With the Exceeders Collaboration Agreement IT Leaders will stop wasting their time in meetings, arguing with procurement and contract negotiations with vendors. They will invest this time to work with experts from around the world who will help them build the right and economically feasible IT Environments that support their organization's digital transformation journey and directly contribute to the organization’s growth and success in the market.