ID: GZD 1889-08-27

Who can we help?

(Who do we serve):

Customers looking to manage and monitor their Data Centers and applications whether on Premise or in the Cloud, keeping their applications Always-On, and having the full vision of the end user activities regardless of the platform they are working from.

Our main offering

  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) :
  • - Best-in-class APM from the category leader. End-to-end observability across modern hybrid clouds, from microservices to mainframe. Automatic full-stack instrumentation, high fidelity data in context of all transactions for greater precision and no blind spots with complete dependency mapping and precise root cause determination. Our APM offering includes cloud infrastructure monitoring and AIOps to deliver instant answers across the full-stack.



- Cloud Infrastructure : For environments and use cases that don’t require full APM, our cloud infrastructure module provides AI-powered answers across cloud native and hybrid environments, with continuous auto-discovery of hosts, VMs, containers, network, events and logs. Consolidate tools with an all-in-one cloud infrastructure solution that includes AIOps for precise and instant answers about anomalies and degradations.

- Digital Experience : Optimize user experiences across all applications and know the business impact of every digital experience. Real user and synthetic monitoring combined with 4k movie-like session replay, provide application optimization, enhanced customer experience and superior customer support across all digital channels. Digital experience includes AIOps, providing intelligence to improve every user experience.

Digital Business Analytics : Get real-time, AI-powered answers to business questions by tying business metrics with data already flowing through our application performance and digital experience modules. Digital business analytics includes AIOps to deliver instant insights about conversions, orders, churn, release validation, customer segmentation and more.

- AIOps : With our AI engine, Davis, go beyond just more "data on glass" and receive instant answers so that you can drive better business outcomes. When a problem arises that affects users, Davis will be the first to know and provide precise causation and root cause determination. AIOps is included with every module in the platform.

Why we’re different (X-Factor)

- We focus on the value that our solution will bring to the customer, we don’t just implement products.

- We combine products together to come up with fruitful packages that customers can benefit from out of the box.

- Experienced multilingual team with deep understanding of the customer needs and culture in the gulf region

Meet our team

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Jonh Moreno

CEO & Co-Founder


Jonh Moreno

Lead Designer


Jonh Moreno

VP of Product


Jonh Moreno

CEO & Co-Founder